[act-ma] 2/22 (Rescheduled) Grace Ross "Main Street Smarts" on Occupy Boston Radio (FSU)

David O. Knuttunen webmaster at dsaboston.org
Sat Feb 18 14:31:16 PST 2012

Hear ye, Hear ye!  After two weeks with some problems due to technical
issues and illness,  Free School University Radio (FSU-RADIO) had a very
successful show, last week, and we are back in business!


Rescheduled!  (Cancelled two weeks ago because of illness.)

Wed 2/22 7:00 pm on OB RADIO (http://obr.fm <http://obr.fm/> ) 

Main Street $marts - Who got us into this economic mess and how we get
through it?

with Grace Ross


Set your Internet Browser to OBR.FM.  Wednesday 7-8 pm.


Grace Ross is a lifetime activist in democratic people's movements and a
two-time candidate for Governor of Massachusetts.   She is presently the
coordinator of the Mass Alliance Against Predatory Lending, the statewide
coalition working to reverse the foreclosure-crisis in our Commonwealth.
She has written a book on the current economic crisis entitled "Main Street
$marts - Who got us into this economic mess and how we get through it?" The
book is a comprehensive survey of the damage done to the 99% by an economy
managed for the benefit of the few, and provides common sense prescriptions
for solving the problems, ranging from banking, foreclosures and
homelessness, to health care, to jobs - all the while empowering people and
building a more democratic society.  We will be discussing some of these
issues in a conversation that includes, "How did we get here?"  "What do we
do about it?" and "What is the role of the Occupy movement in solving these


You can find out more about the book at http://www.MainStreetSmarts.com
<http://www.mainstreetsmarts.com/> .


Occupy Boston Radio is currently available by internet only.  You can reach
us at  <http://www.occupyboston.org/radio/>
http://www.occupyboston.org/radio/ or http://obr.fm <http://obr.fm/> , or by
going to http://occupyboston.org <http://occupyboston.org/>  and choosing
"Radio" from the upper right of the red menu bar at the top of the page.
Once on the page, click the "play" arrow on the radio player control app to
begin listening.   Listener participation is possible via call-in or IRC
chat - see phone number and link on the radio page.


FSU-RADIO is an educational series by Occupy Boston's Free School
University. Our goal is to form an autonomous zone and share skills needed
to maintain that, to entertain educate and enliven Occupiers and the general
public. Our purpose is to provide support and space for skill sharing and
sharing basic info regarding Occupy Boston and to encourage
self-organization, teaching, and learning opportunities.


Our Wednesday program consists of TALK radio featuring educational content
such as lectures, panel discussions and interviews.


Host: David Knuttunen (guest hosts from time to time)

Time: WED 7-8pm


To propose a guest for the program, email fsu at occupyboston.org, or call
David Knuttunen 617-558-5853.

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