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The Militant Labor Forum presents:

Access to contraception is 
not a question of religious freedom
fight for women’s rights today
El acceso a la
anticoncepción no
 es una cuestión de la libertad
religiosa La lucha
para las derechas de las mujeres hoy

When theObama administration
recently mandated that employers include contraceptive coverage in their
employee health insurance programs to women employed at religiously affiliated
nonprofit organizations a firestorm of debate broke out. 
to a discussion on why defending a woman’s right to choose is a class question—one of decisive importance to
the working class and unions. Without the right to decide when or whether to
bear a child, women cannot participate as equals in economic, social, and
political life. And without women’s equality, the solidarity the working class
needs to fight the bosses—and to wage a victorious revolutionary struggle to
take political power out of their hands—is impossible.

Workers determined to end
capitalist exploitation and all the forms of oppression it perpetuates must
fight uncompromisingly forthe right of the woman—only the woman, not the state, the church,
doctors, parents, husbands, or boyfriends—to decide to bear a child. 

Saturday, February 25
/ Sabado, 25 de febrero, 7:30pm
Militant Labor Forum Hall  
13 Bennington Street, 2nd floor,
 East Boston, MA
617-569-9169 or email: bostonmlf at yahoo.com  
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