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I hope you're considering attending this important training. There are a
few spaces available for the March 19th session at 6PM. Reserve yours by
purchasing a ticket at
*www.suicidepreventionfortrainers.eventbrite.com*($10 per person).

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> Hi fellow activists and organizers,
> I'm sharing my most recent blog post from www.robbiesamuels.com - please
> comment and share...
> Community leaders have the power to convene people. This is a wonderful
> skill that comes with many responsibilities: logistics, marketing,
> catering, volunteer coordination, etc.  I believe that our responsibilities
> as community leaders goes beyond these basic steps and includes creating a
> welcoming and safe space for our community.
> When we help co-create those kinds of spaces, we help guard against
> isolation, depression and burn out that many experience when they operate
> for too long without a supportive community. Unfortunately, many community
> leaders themselves feel this isolation because they lack a strong peer
> network and are carrying on their shoulders all the pain and suffering
> brought to their attention by their community members.
> To support my fellow community leaders, I'm offering a training on how to
> deal with one of the hardest topics faced by any community. For the purpose
> of these trainings, I've defined "community leader" as anyone who regularly
> convenes groups of people. If that's you, I hope you'll join me. If not,
> please share this with a community leader in your life.
> *RSVP at **www.suicidepreventionfortrainers.eventbrite.com*<http://www.suicidepreventionfortrainers.eventbrite.com/>
> *.*
> Thank you for helping make our collective communities healthier and
> stronger. Please share the following event description.
> Best,
> Robbie
> *Suicide Prevention Training for Community Leaders*
> Oftentimes, community leaders* are sought out for support in times of
> crisis and are the first to become aware that someone is considering
> killing themselves. Attend this training to gain the skills to handle the
> "suicide question" and become knowledgeable about local resources for you
> and your community.
> *RSVP at **www.suicidepreventionforleaders.eventbrite.com*<http://www.suicidepreventionforleaders.eventbrite.com/>
> *.** **Fee $10.*
> *Due to limited seating, this 2-hour training is being offered on Monday,
> March 19 and Tuesday, May 8 - select your preferred date when registering.
> *
> QPR - Question, Persuade, Refer is modeled after the success of the CPR
> medical intervention and is based on the following concepts:
> Those who most need help in a suicidal crisis are the least likely to ask
> for it. Prior to making a suicide attempt, a person typically sends warning
> signs.Asking "Are you thinking about killing yourself?" is a key step to
> preventing suicide.  This training will address:
> The anxiety we feel when we are talking to someone who is suicidal.How to
> specifically ask "the question".How to persuade someone to seek help.How to
> make sure they get the referral they need. *For the purpose of this
> training, a community leader is anyone who regularly convenes groups of
> people.
> *About the Trainer:*
> *Robbie Samuels* has extensive experience as a community organizer,
> fundraiser and trainer. In 2011, his birthday, September 16, was declared "Robbie
> Samuels Day"<http://www.robbiesamuels.com/2011/09/robbie-samuels-day-september-16-2011-in.html>by the Boston City Council. He is the Senior Manager of Events and Donor
> Engagement at Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders (GLAD<http://www.glad.org/>).
> He is a Co-Founder & Co-Organizer of Socializing for Justice (SoJust<http://www.sojust.org/>),
> a grassroots, volunteer-run member-supported group, to build a
> cross-cultural, cross-issue progressive community, network and movement in
> Boston based on the philosophy of abundance. Robbie identifies as a white,
> queer, feminist, trans man and lives in Jamaica Plain. He likes burritos.
> Learn more about Robbie and his other trainings "Art of the Schmooze" and
> "Fundraising: Getting Past the Fear of Asking" at www.robbiesamuels.comand view his
> testimonials <http://www.robbiesamuels.com/p/testimonials.html>.
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