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essential reading


           from   Istvan Meszaros, professor emeritus of  Philosophy

                     at University of Sussex in England                     


Social Structure and Forms of Consciousness: Volume One, The Social
Determination of Method (2010 Monthly Review Press)



This work provides unparalleled clarity of vision and inspiring direction
for everyone interested in building a viable alternative to the dangerous
and destructive capital system. Meszaros explicates the domination of
humanity and nature by capital and the possible forms of struggle for a
viable alternative that allow the reader to understand the importance of
moving beyond capital in our time. The development of worker control,
community control and self-management by the 99% will strengthen the
necessary subjective and objective power of the people and start the process
of building socialism in our time.



essential discussions


In April, a Boston area discussion group will begin examining this important
work by Istvan Meszaros.  If you are interested in participating in these
discussions, contact essential discussions at 1-617-731-8725 or email
ikurki2 at verizon.net.


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