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Dear All,

As a new article <http://www.perspy.com/?p=942> in Perspective Magazine
points out, the money Harvard spent on library staff decreased by $10
million between 2009 and 2010. Harvard seems to begrudge any investment in
its libraries, despite having the largest academic library system in North
America. Waves of layoffs in ’04 and ’09 have already harmed library
services. For example, 10,000 books, worth around $370,000, were recently
shipped to the Harvard Depository without cataloging. The Depository is a
huge warehouse 40 miles from campus, so sending a book there without
cataloging pretty much ensures it will languish in obscurity for all

Harvard can be similarly careless about its employees. In January, hundreds
of library workers were threatened with the loss of their jobs. Workers in
other parts of the University are also under threat. Harvard enjoys
advantages of which other employers can only dream. HU student Sandra Korn,
writing for Perspective, points out the University owns a profitable hotel
on the Charles, for which it pays no taxes. Despite all its wealth, Harvard
refuses to back down from its plan to separate staff from their jobs.
Layoff notices are due to go out by the end of April.

This Tuesday, 3/27, at 12 noon, campus workers will hold our fifth
demonstration since the layoff threats were made in January. The event will
include a Speak-Out with testimonials from staff members, undergraduates,
grad students and faculty. Please join us! You can help workers expose the
damage staff cuts have already done, and assist us in publicizing the harm
more layoffs will do to everybody within earshot (& we will be loud). The
more people attend our action, the greater healthy pressure will be placed
on Harvard to backtrack from the destructive plan to cut jobs. We'll gather
in front of Harvard's Science Center, near the intersection of Oxford and
Kirkland Streets in Cambridge, 5 min from the Harvard Sq T stop. Please
click here<http://maps.yahoo.com/#tt=&q=Oxford+St+%26+Kirkland+St%2C+Cambridge%2C+MA++02138&conf=1&start=1&lat=42.376308&lon=-71.115639&zoom=16&mvt=m&trf=0>for
a map. The Facebook event is
here <http://www.facebook.com/events/189196047850136/>. Our flyer is
attached. Feel free to forward this message!

In Solidarity,

Geoff Carens, Union Rep, Harvard Union of Clerical & Technical
Workers/AFSCME Local 3650
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