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UJP Activist: 99% Spring Action Training




We're at a crossroads as a country. In recent years, millions have lost their
jobs, homes have been foreclosed, and an unconscionable number of children live
in poverty. We have to stand up to the people who caused of all this and
confront the rampant greed and deliberate manipulation of our democracy and our
economy by a tiny minority in the 1%.

Inspired by Occupy Wall Street and the fight for workers in Madison, Wisconsin,
the 99% will rise up this spring. In the span of just one week, from April 9-15,
100,000 people will be trained to tell the story of what happened to our
economy, learn the history of non-violent direct action, and use that knowledge
to take action on our own campaigns to win change.

We'll gather for trainings in homes, community centers, places of worship,
campuses, and public spaces nationwide to learn how to join together in the work
of reclaiming our country through sustained non-violent action.

Will you rise with us and join a 99% Spring action training? 

See a list of Boston area training events [1] to be held between April 11 and
April 14, and sign up for a training this week [2].

The following organizations have called for a 99% Spring: Jobs With Justice,
United Auto Workers,National Peoples Action, National Domestic Workers Alliance,
MoveOn.org, New Organizing Institute, Movement Strategy Center, The Other 98%,
Service Employees International Union, AFL-CIO, Rebuild the Dream, Color of
Change, UNITE-HERE, Greenpeace, Institute for Policy Studies, PICO National
Network, New Bottom Line, Veterans of the Mississippi Civil Rights Movement,
SNCC Legacy Project, United Steel Workers, National Education Association,
Working Families Party, Communications Workers of America, United States Student
Association, Rainforest Action Network, American Federation of Teachers,
Leadership Center for the Common Good, UNITY, National Guestworker Alliance,
350.org, The Ruckus Society, Citizen Engagement Lab, smartMeme Strategy &
Training Project, Right to the City Alliance, Pushback Network, Alliance of
Californians for Community Empowerment, Progressive Democrats of America, Change
to Win, Grassroots Global Justice Alliance, Campaign for America's Future,
Public Campaign Action Fund, Fuse Washington, Missourians Organizing for Reform
and Empowerment, Citizen Action of New York, Engage, United Electrical Workers
Union, National Day Laborers Organizing Network, Alliance for a Just Society,
The Partnership for Working Families, United Students Against Sweatshops,
Presente.org, Get Equal, American Federation of State, County, and Municipal
Employees, Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement, Corporate Accountability
International, American Federation of Government Employees, Training for Change,
People Organized for Westside Renewal (POWER), Student Labor Action Project,
Colorado Progressive Coalition, Green for All, DC Jobs with Justice, Midwest
Academy, The Coffee Party, International Forum on Globalization, UFCW
International Union, Sunflower Community Action, Illinois People's Action,
Lakeview Action Coalition, Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada,
International Brotherhood of the Teamsters, Resource Generation, Highlander
Research and Education Center, TakeAction Minnesota, Energy Action Coalition,

MoveOn.org Civic Action is hosting the online event registration process but is
not responsible for the content or programming of the trainings or for the
planning or organization of any specific actions. The 99% Spring is a
collaborative effort between many organizations to train over 100,000 Americans
in the basics of nonviolent direct action—not an electoral campaign.



United for Justice with Peace [4] is a coalition of peace and justice
organizations and community peace groups in the Greater Boston region. The UJP
Coalition, formed after September 11th, seeks global peace through social and
economic justice.


Help us continue to do this critical work!   Make a donation to UJP today. [6]


info at justicewithpeace.org [7]


            		www.justicewithpeace.org [8]

Upcoming Events: 


		First they Came for the Immigrants... [9]

		Wed Apr 11


		Cambridge Public Library



		Hayden and Chomsky: Revisiting Port Huron [10]

		Wed Apr 11


		MIT Campus - Gilliland Auditorium - Room 66-110



		Corporations and the 1%: Pay your Taxes! Fund our Communities! [11]

		Tue Apr 17


		Dewey Square



		Peace & Economic Justice: Occupy Boston Community Gathering [12]

		Mon Apr 23


		St Paul's Cathedral



		International Drone Summit: Killing and Spying by Remote Control [13]

		Sat Apr 28


		Mount Vernon Place United Methodist Church

		Washington DC


		A New War in the Middle East?  A Teach-in on Iran [14]

		Sat Apr 28


		Suffolk University Law School



		Counter-Summit for Peace & Economic Justice [15]

		Fri May 18


		People's Church

		Chicago, IL


More Peace and Justice Events [16].    How to Submit Events [17] 


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[3] http://justicewithpeace.org
[4] http://justicewithpeace.org
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[8] http://www.justicewithpeace.org
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[11] http://justicewithpeace.org/node/3622
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[14] http://justicewithpeace.org/node/3566
[15] http://justicewithpeace.org/node/3251
[16] http://justicewithpeace.org/upcoming-events
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