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WHAT:  Bread and Roses Activities (continued)

WHERE:  Unitarian Universalist Church, 840 Sandwich Road,  Falmouth, MA    (Cape Cod)

WHEN:   Noon, on Sunday, April 15th;   noon,  on Saturday,  April 28th

Several events took place during the year 1912 that were important in the building of progressive movements.   This year, the 100th anniversaries are noted.

In January,  1912, textile workers in Lawrence, Massachusetts,  went on strike.   Historians  call this,  "the bread and roses strike."   A variety of activities are planned for this year in Lawrence and in other communities.

The ship "Titanic" was supposed to bring more emigrants to America, to work in industrial centers like Lawrence.    On April 15, 1912, the ship sank in the North Atlantic.     Wealthy passengers were escorted to the lifeboats while many crew members and Third Class passengers were left behind to drown....   This is what happens when the economy and the environment get into trouble.  The rich get special treatment.   The poor and minorities suffer.

On Sunday, April 15th,  the Unitarian Universalist congregation in Falmouth  will, again, put lots of roses on display.    The connections between the 1912 Lawrence strike and the sinking of the "Titanic" will be discussed.....    At noon, guests will be invited to participate in the same kind of meal that Third Class passengers ate.    Afterwards,   James Cameron's movie "Titanic" will be shown.      (These events are free.  The building is easily accessible.)

The Lawrence textile strike was big news in 1912.    A few weeks after the strike,  the "Titanic" sank.     Congress investigated both events.   In Massachusetts, the first minimum wage law was adopted.    (The national  Supreme Court ruled that the Massachusetts law was  "unconstitutional.")     Labor unions and other groups demanded improved safety for passengers and crew on major ships.

For the year 2012,   public "listening sessions" about environmental justice and safety are in progress.    The Cape Cod hearing will be in Falmouth, on Saturday, April 28th.      (The hearing has been moved from the Unitarian Universalist church to the public library.   However, the church has information.    Contact   murphydalzell at aol.com  for information about the environmental justice meetings on the Cape and elsewhere in Massachusetts.)

Bread and Roses!      

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