[act-ma] 5/12 Silver Maple Forest Encirclement (Alewife Reservation).

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"Embrace the Spirit of the Forest"


May is Massachusetts Rivers and Wetlands Month. Friends of Alewife
Reservation is sponsoring a walk and encirclement of the silver maple forest
with the Earth Drum Council and professional performers for a celebration of
its trees, especially the mother tree which has lost many of its large
branches. The title of the celebration is, "Embrace the Spirit of the

It is being held to call attention to the preservation of the watershed
functions of the floodplain and woodlands, and to bless the abundant
wildlife habitat, which Friends have assessed as coyote, fox, mink, otter,
deer and 90 species of birds, many of whom nest in the Reservation. 


The Ingathering with public participation at 1pm will invoke native, pagan
and New England cultures that revere natural resources. Drums will resound
around the forest, and each participant will speak his or her sentiments
about the protection of the area and personal experiences there. 


Each is asked to bring a musical instrument if available. 

Publicity for the event states, "The woodlands are entitled "Belmont
Uplands" because they are on the border of Cambridge, and there is a slight
rise in land elevation from the road, but main area is in Belmont and it is
the lowest part of the town.  Proponents say, "It is a center for wildlife
and for floodplain absorption, which, for centuries, since the glacial era,
created livable and protective watershed benefits of tributary sources:
ponds, river, streams, floodways, active aquifers, ground waters, and
wetlands, marshes, bog, fen and vernal areas." 


Parking at the public Alewife Reservation Lot on Acorn Park Drive.  1:00
Ingathering in the meadows of Alewife Reservation. Specific participatory
Instructions will be given out.  Phone: 617 415-1884, FAR offices for more


Ellen Mass 

Friends of Alewife Reservation 


Cell: 617 290-4864  

Office: 617 415-1884


186 Alewife Brook Parkway #304 

Cambridge, MA. 02138 


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