[act-ma] THU 7PM: Forum on "Afghanistan: The Case for Immediate Withdrawal"

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Tue May 8 04:41:18 PDT 2012

Afghanistan: The Case for Immediate Withdrawal
Public Forum by the International Socialist Organization
Conference Room at Haymarket People's Fund (buzz 4)
42 Seaverns Ave, Jamaica Plain, Boston
(Orange Line to Green Street)

With the recent scandals of US soldiers taking pictures of Taliban
fighters, the burning of the Koran on a US base, and killing spree of
16 innocent civilians by a US soldier, it is clear that nothing has
changed 10 years since the US has occupied and decimated Afghanistan.
While the 1% and the Media, the Pentagon and the US Government try to
cast these as individual events, nothing can be farther from the
truth. Innocent Afghani’s are paying the price for US Imperialism to
secure profits and military aggression. Come hear the International
Socialist Organization make a case of why, still after 10-year
occupying Afghanistan, the solution to the Afghanistan War is still
immediate withdrawal.

Read more about it at SocialistWorker.org:

The forever war
When Barack Obama talked last week about the end of the war in
Afghanistan, he didn't mention that by his timeline, it isn't even
half over, reports Eric Ruder.

The unraveling occupation
Nicole Colson reports on the quagmire of the U.S. occupation in
Afghanistan--and why 10 years after the war began, the U.S. must get

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