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Wed [date] 7:00 pm on OB RADIO (http://obr.fm <http://obr.fm/> ) 

The Idea of Democracy

with Gerald Friedman


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On March 18, 2012, I uploaded a post entitled "Democratic Decisions" to my
blog Persistent Wondering <http://persistentwondering.com/> . Prof. Jerry
Friedman, who was on FSU-Radio on January 18, talking about "Occupy
Economics", read my post and emailed me to say he really liked it.
"Excellent post on a critical issue!" he said. "Our argument for socialism
and social regulation over markets eventually becomes a choice among
imperfect alternatives where we argue that democratic governance is better
than individual choice through markets. Maybe you want to do a radio on this
with a discussion of democratic theories going back to Aristotle, de
Tocqueville, Mill, et al?" I replied that I'd read a little Mill and
Aristotle, but no de Tocqueville, but that I'd love to do a show on this
subject. Because Jerry is a U. Mass. professor, he was busy until end of
term, so we couldn't do the show right away - but this Wednesday, 5/16/2012.
It's going to happen! Join us! - David Kn.


The Idea of Democracy with Prof. Gerald Friedman

Wednesday, 5/16/2012 7:00 pm USA Eastern Time

Occupy Boston Radio - http://obr.fm


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