[act-ma] 7/18 The 'Google' Roof Garden in Kendall Square: a decisive public hearing, July 18, 5:30pm (Wed)

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7F_opWg9_qI  [The following letter is running in the current issue of the Cambridge
 Chronicle:http://www.wickedlocal.com/cambridge/news/opinions/x1990297301/Letter-to-the-editor-Vist-the-roof-garden-before-it-s-gone#axzz20jfl7yJ5                                                     ]                                                             "Up on the Roof" To the Editor:   On Wednesday, July 18, the newly appointed Cambridge Redevelopment Authority (CRA)Board will likely make a final decision -- one way or the other -- on whether to approve,modify, or reject an aggressive push by Boston Properties to "occupy" about half of a45,000 square foot, publicly-deeded, "public open space" in Kendall Square known simplyas "The Roof Garden."  Boston Properties, the main commercial
 "developer" for Kendall Square, want tobuild a two-story, double-wide, glass and steel office expansion for the Google Corporationacross half of this unique, much used and loved, urban refuge.  To do this, they will first need approval from the CRA (a public agency established in the eraof "urban renewal," to assemble land for "economic development...")   For anyone who has not yet had a chance to visit this lovely urban jewel, I stronglyencourage you to visit this special place immediately -- before it's too late for you, or anyoneelse, to do anything about it.  This bird and butterfly-filled sanctuary sits on top of the parking garage in Kendall
Square, between the Marriott Hotel and Legal Sea Foods.  No commercial signage or corporate office entrances
  Just look for the elevators to the garage and push "R" for "Roof Garden."
  You're in for a treat.
  Up above the noise and grit of the ugly urban core of Kendall Square, surrounded by high-risebuildings on three sides, you'll find this delightful "urban paradise."  (Never heard of it?? It isn't easy to find and Boston Properties aren't exactly interestedin making it any easier!)  There is still hope that the new Board of the CRA will "see the light" and insist on analternative to the proposed Boston Properties/Google "colonization" of this cherished space.  People in East Cambridge and throughout the city have been screaming for public openspace forever.  And here it is! We already have it!  Let the CRA Board know there is an alternative to this
 private "taking" of much needed publicgreen space for unnecessary, excess private profit. Come to the Public Meeting of the CRA Board on Wednesday, July 18, at 5:30 p.m., in the"Discovery Room" on the third floor of the Marriott Hotel.   Public comment will be an integral and important component of this vitally important meeting.  Let's hope they listen.                                                                          Yours in struggle,                                                                              James M. Williamson                                                                              Jackson Place, Cambridge       		 	   		  
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