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Tar Sands protest and New TS/Enbridge Report
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Tar Sands protest.  See message below:

For anyone who does not already know, there's a Tar Sands/ Enbridge protest
in VT on July 29th. More details below...

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>> Subject: Bus from MA to VT for 7/29 Tar Sands protest and New
TS/Enbridge Report
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>> Hello all,
>> 1) Want to or going to protest Tar Sands in Burlington, VT?: Please let
us know if you plan to go to the Northeast Tar Sands Pipeline Protest in
Burlington, VT on July 29th!   Someone has offered to donate money to rent
a bus so we need to know how many are planning to go and would be
interested in riding the bus.    Please let Dorian know asap by emailing
her at dorian at betterfutureproject.org.
>> Details: Hundreds of people will be converging in Burlington, VT to make
a GIANT HUMAN OIL SPILL at the New England Governor's Conference!  New
England's governors & Canadian premiers are meeting in late July in
Burlington, VT to discuss the future of energy in our region. Right now Tar
Sands oil transportation isn't even on the agenda. Let's change that.
>> https://www.facebook.com/events/401379366587299/
>> 2) Attached is a report on Enbridge and its Tar Sands pipelines:
 IMPORTING DISASTER: The Anatomy of Enbridge’s Once and Future Oil Spills.
 It explains what the plans for the pipeline, previously known as
"Trailbreaker", that runs from Quebec to Portland, ME, are.   This pipeline
currently carries crude oil and flows from Portland to Quebec.  The
proposal is to reverse its flow and have it carry tar sands from Canada to
Port of Portland, for export.
>> Vanessa
>> Director of Community Engagement
>> Better Future Project
>> Climate Summer/Ride for the Future/350Massachusetts
> <NWF_Enbridge_OilSpill2.pdf>

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