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Thursday July 26th, 7-9 pm
*Social Enterprise Workshop*
1151 Mass Ave, Cambridge (Old Cambridge Baptist Church, ring bell by glass
Free (donation accepted)

Meeting format:  Speakers tell us about their history, focusing on how they
started the co-op, issues/challenges they overcame and how, what they'd do
differently, what they'd recommend to others starting co-ops, and what the
future holds for their organizations and others like them.

Questions/Answers/Discussion following, focused on Occupy-specific themes,
including starting co-ops locally.

*7:00 Marc Rudnick, Community Builders Cooperative (
http://www.communitybuilders.**coop/ <http://www.communitybuilders.coop/>)
7:45  Kelley O-Conner, Mass Local Food Co-Op (http://www.masslocalfood.org/*
*)* <http://www.masslocalfood.org/)*>

So far, 8 people who are starting co-ops have confirmed they are coming.
Come! Learn! Network!
Take back the Economy! _/*OCCUPY THE ECONOMY!*/_

More Info on the organizations that the speakers come from is below:


Community Builders Cooperative
is a 9-member worker-coop renovation contracting business of the
more radical collective sort:
--Intentionally founded by progressive young carpenters in 1979.
--No hierarchy - all members decide all policy and practice together by
--All members receive equal wages.
New positions in the group are rare, though there have been 24 members over
our 33 year tenure. Most of the group have been members since the
beginning. The groups believes strongly in helping others form co-ops,  not
in making ours a lot bigger


The Mass Local Food Co-op (http://www.masslocalfood.org/**) is an online
farmers market that connects local consumers with local farmers and
producers using an open source shop software system & structure designed by
the Oklahoma Food Cooperative.

Kelley, the founder has a BA in Math from Bowdoin College and 25 years
experience in software engineering & technical support. She learned about
peak oil in 2005 and became very interested in food security. In 2006, she
learned that the Oklahoma Food Co-op was giving away their software, and
decided to try to start something similar here in Massachusetts. After a
couple years of building support, the co-op launched in June 2009 with 30
orders from 10 producers, and are now up to about 150 orders a month with
about 45 producers and over 500 members. The co-op delivers to seven pickup
sites and offer about 2500 Massachusetts grown& artisan products. It is
entirely volunteer operated, with a seven member Board of Directors. And it
continues to grow and is currently searching for a new sorting center so
that it can open more pickup sites and accommodate more members.


Terra Friedrichs
Socially Conscious Business Consulting
978 808 7173 (cell)
978 266 2775 (desk)
978 266 2778 (home/messages)
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