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hey folks,

It's that time of year again.  I'm feeling like I was born to live
Ready to light the fires and dance?  At our 19th Forestdance, we will be
focusing on some similar themes from the past, and

some new themes as well.    Of course we will again be reclaiming our
inspiration and our birthright to be creative beings.  This year we will
also put some focus onto how we can unify our visions and how we can seed
our intentions, tend that which we've already created, and fully manifest
our greatest workings.
Malidoma Some shared this year, "If you are going to fail, fail BIG".  May
we honor the things we do and need to survive.  May we open our tight grasp
that holds onto the things we don't need.   And with open hearts, may be
take the risk to stretch ourselves, expand ourselves.  How do we make the
world a better place?  We be better in the world.  By speaking truths...
 By dancing our prayers...  By singing from our hearts, for our ancestors,
for the Land for each other...  By creating space to listen...   For this
week, or five days if you can't be there for the entire week, we are joined
by a remarkable group of teachers and friends:

Una Gallagher, Suzanne Rancourt, Bright Hawk, Jon and Lisa, Julie Woods,
Jenny Leis, Mz. Imani, Jim Farnham, Joel Sindelar, Luke Destefano,
Kalidasi, Alisa Wright Tanny, Hilary Lake, and Jetta Petrie.

We're also welcoming Imani Mamalution and Areeya to head up our organic
kitchen.  The same team that headed up the kitchen for this SWID.  Truly
Regular registration runs through Aug. 17th.

I truly hope to be with you around the fire,


Tuesday, Aug. 28th-Monday, Sept. 3rd*

This gathering is so profound, so beautiful, that it has helped shape a
community. It has reignited passions for so many talented people,
reclaiming inspiration, and has shown an alternative way to co-exist that
many of us have stopped dreaming about long ago.

Amazing teachers, inspired dancing, drumming, music making, singing, the
honoring of life, of each other, of the plants and the animals, of
ourselves as survivors. Reclaiming our beauty and the knowing that we were
born to live creatively.

This sacred gathering is a rite of passage, a journey into a magical
co-created all night ritual, that may just change your life, as it has
changed so many.

Vision <http://www.heartbeatcollective.org/forestdance/vision>
Seed Groups and
Testimonials <http://www.heartbeatcollective.org/forestdance/testimonials>

 ...Between the Tribes’ harmonic music, the laughter of the children and
dawn tea made from roots of earth and wood, I reconnect to my family,
myself, my power, our power, and the song that life always wants to sing
through me but I don’t always hear. At Forestdance, I can hear. -Robin Sol

We'll be around the fire 5 nights, 3 all night fire circles with a
shortened night on both ends to open us into the magic and help us
integrate in celebration before returning to our daily lives.
The gathering begins on a Tuesday this year and goes until Monday. We open
the doors again for late arrivers on Thursday. If you can do the entire
thing, we suggest it, as it it designed to be a more gentle and profound
experience this way. Those of you that can't, the rest of us will be there
to welcome you in on Thursday, helping your transition in be a special one.


Forestdance has evolved in design over the years and currently includes a
level of
intentionality that requires us to have a critical mass of people on the
Land for a couple
of days before the larger gathering begins (on Thursday).

Because of this, and in understanding that it can be difficult to get away
for an entire week,
we offer a $50 discount for the people that can come early (on Tuesday).

We ask all of our attendees to be part of a Service Team and to take at
least one kitchen shift...
The kitchen this year is being headed up by Imani Mamalicious and the
quality has proven to be extraordinary.
We use almost all organic food and lots of Native foods as well.
Regular registration runs through August 17th.  Late registration begins on
the 18th.

Jason Cohen

"And if there's still a human race here in 100 years, it won't be because
of any one big organization, whether a big church or big political party, a
big corporation or country, or even a big UN. It will be because of
millions upon millions of small organizations" -Pete Seeger

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