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Mark R Wolff posted in Massachusetts Interfaith Committee for Worker
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Aug 7
URGENT ACTION! Immigrant Workers Continue Their Fight for Justice
August 9, 2012 - 12:00am - 1:00am

URGENT ACTION! Immigrant Workers Continue Their Fight for Justice

Say NO! to Labor Exploitation in MA!

What: Latino immigrant workers Continue their fight for justice and will
once again stage two simultaneous protests in front of the restaurants of
One World Cuisine restaurant group and deliver a letter to demand payment
of wages and overtime.

Where: Diva Indian Bistro, 246 Elm Street Somerville, MA; and Kashmir, 279
Newbury Street, Boston.

When: Thursday, August, 9th at 12:00 p.m.

BOSTON, MA- The workers were employed by Mumbai Chopstix located on Newbury
Street in Boston and Cafe of India in Cambridge. These restaurants are part
of Amrik S. Pabla’s One World Cuisine restaurant group, which includes
restaurants in Downtown Boston, Jamaica Plain, Somerville and other
locales. If the workers had been paid in accordance with the law, they have
calculated that the wages they are owed would total more than $85,000. The
workers are holding regular meetings in order to define a strategy to
recover their wages, to learn about their labor rights, and to educate the
general public about immigrant labor exploitation.

For more information please contact:

Patrick McDermott, Centro Presente (617) 629 4731 x225

Patricia Montes, Centro Presente (617) 959 3108

# # #

Centro Presente is a state-wide, membership-based Latino immigrant
organization that advocates for immigrant rights and for economic and
social justice through the integration of community organizing, leadership
development and basic services.
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