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 Hello. As many of you no doubt know, Springfield No One Leaves is a
wonderful organization in Springfield, and one of the organizers is a
recent UMass alum. Scroll down for info on a Sep. 5 action in Springfield
and a Sep. 12 action in NYC.


For almost a year now, Springfield No One Leaves/Nadie Se Mude & the
Springfield Bank Tenant Association have had a standing campaign to fight
back against Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac's foreclosure & eviction policies.
Last winter we held a highly successful, and powerful Fannie & Freddie
"Shareholder" meeting (F&F are 78% taxpayer owned) outside of the Housing
Court Steps in the freezing cold to sign onto public demands calling for
Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac to *end all no-fault evictions after foreclosure &
reset underwater loans to the current market value now (AKA - Principal

 Shortly after we had numerous vigils calling attention to Fannie &
Freddie's refusal to do principal reduction - even when they acknowledged
it was in their best interest - like the case of the DeCaro family, where
Freddie Mac agreed to a deal to sell the house at current value to Boston
Community Capital - but ONLY if BCC agreed to evict the family! Then, one
of our leaders, Sellou Diaite went down to join homeowners around the
country in calling for the acting director of the FHFA, Edward DeMarco -
the body that oversees Fannie & Freddie - to be fired!

 We've continued to keep the heat up on Fannie & Freddie and groups across
the country have joined the fight. DeMarco - despite internal reports
showing that principal reduction would save taxpayers up to $3.6 billion
dollars - *that's 3,600,000,000 dollars *- has refused to do principal
reduction - and the president has yet to take significant action to force
Fannie & Freddie to utilize the one solution that could prevent millions of

 Most recently we've launched a new campaign called Turn On The Lights to
bring attention to the twin evils of vacant homes and homeless brothers &
sisters - by targeting the thousands of vacant properties that Fannie &
Freddie are trying to sell at a discount to hedge funds and investment
banks! This land should be controlled by the community - not the same
people who crashed our economy in the first place!

 *Now the fight continues and is ramping up. *In the next month +
Springfield No One Leaves will be joining with folks from Miami, Atlanta,
Chatanooga, D.C., NYC, Upstate NY, Detroit, Chicago, Toledo, Madison,
Minnesota, Oakland, Los Angles, and of course our New England NEW ROAD
network to escalate pressure on Fannie & Freddie!

 First join us for a walking candlelight vigil through the streets of
Springfield to visit foreclosed and vacant homes owned by Fannie & Freddie.
We'll start at City Hall and hear testimony from the *Fannie & Freddie 25 -
*25 families in and around Springfield, MA that are fighting back against
Fannie & Freddie and are members of the SBTA. Then we'll head out and bring
attention to the destruction that Fannie & Freddie are causing.

*Gather between 5-5:30 PM - Program starts at 5:45*
*Meet at Springfield City Hall, Downtown Springfield*

 Then, on September 12, we'll be jumping a bus (with more than 150 New
Englanders) to bring the fight to Freddie Mac's regional offices in New
York City. During the week of 09/10 to 09/14 - groups in every major city
with a regional Fannie/Freddie Office will be bringing the fight directly
to their offices. Hundred of families fighting Fannie & Freddie will be
leading the way. Check out www.wearethefanniefreddie99.tumblr.com
<http://www.wearethefanniefreddie99.tumblr.com%20>to check out stories of
Fannie & Freddie Fighters.

*WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 12, 2012 - 1:00 PM*
*Gather @ Bryant Park, NYC, NY*
Bus Leaving Springfield around 8 AM (Bus Location: TBD) RESERVE YOUR SEAT
Springfield No One Leaves/Nadie Se Mude Campaign
www.SpringfieldNoOneleaves.org <http://www.springfieldnooneleaves.org>

 Address: 29 Oakland Street, Springfield, MA
E-Mail: info at springfieldnooneleaves.org
Phone: 413-342-1804

 Follow Springfield No One Leaves on

Arise Inc, is the fiscal sponsor of Springfield No One Leaves - all
donations go to the work of Springfield No One Leaves)

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