[act-ma] SJC Bank Trial--TOMORROW

Aria Littlhous aria at littlhous.net
Wed Sep 5 10:31:22 PDT 2012

Hi Public Bank Advocates:

Want to make your blood seethe and see first-hand a Supreme Judicial Court
trial tomorrow morning (Thursday) in which the banks are attempting to put
another one over on the public. Olive, a friend and fellow member of City
Life, with volunteer student lawyers is facing skads of bank lawyers who
are insisting that the banks will only have to say they went through the
proper procedures--no dates, no names of documents sent, no proof of proper
address--just their say so vs any citizen of the Commonwealth. It will be
on by 10 AM and last half an hour. It is best to show up by 9:30 AM. Come
see what is left of democracy in action and support a fellow citizen and
caring supporter of so many others being foreclosed.

The SJC is in the John Adams Courthouse, One Pemberton Square (02118).
Cross Cambridge St. opposite the Gov't Center Plaza. Take the escalator (or
stairs) at 3 CEnter Plaza up to Pemberton Square and the Courthouse in
front of you. It's easy to get there by most subway (T) lines.

Looking forward to our meeting on the 30th.


Steve Snyder

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