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The Militant Labor Forum Presents:
A showing of the documentary
Day Diplomacy Died”

   For over 50 years the capitalist class in
the US and their government - whether Democrat or Republican - have waged an
unceasing war to overthrow the Cuban Revolution that continues to this day.
   They organized bombings, assassination
attempts,  and supported armed attacks
against Cuban territory and the Cuban people.  In addition to an economic embargo against the island, the US government
today finances and organizes groups of what are called “dissidents” in Cuba in
an attempt to discredit the Cuban Revolution in the eyes of working people
around the world.

documentary “The Day Diplomacy Died” by Bernie Dwyer centers on the 2003 arrest
of 75 of these “dissidents”, and features interviews with four Cubans who
worked undercover to expose the truth.  In 2010 all of those arrested were released from prison.
   After the film, join a discussion on the continuing case of the
Cuban 5 --  Cuban revolutionaries who
have been held in prison in the US since 1998 for defending the Cuban
revolution by infiltrating groups in the US with a decades long record of
attacks against Cuba and those in the US and around the world who support the
Cuban Revolution.

Friday, September 21, 7:30 pm 
 Viernes, 21 de septiembre,7:30 pm
Militant Labor Forum Hall / Local del Foro Militante
13 Bennington St., 2nd floor, East Boston
Suggested donation $5 Traducción al español
  617-569-9169 bostonmlf at yahoo.com
Visit  themilitant.com  and  pathfinderpress.com  for news, analysis, and books
T Blue Line to Maverick Station, bus or walk five blocks
 down Meridian to Bennington at Liberty Plaza traffic circle. 
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