[act-ma] 10/4-10/8/2012: HONK! Festival 2012: schedule now set, with 34 bands at last count! -- Thursday-Monday, October 4-8, 2012

Mary Curtin marycurtin at comcast.net
Fri Sep 14 15:45:28 PDT 2012

[Please join us and forward widely!]


October 4 thru 8

this year featuring
[subject to revision]

~ Young Fellaz Brass Band (New Orleans, LA) ~
~ What Cheer? Brigade (Providence, RI) ~
~ Veveritse (Brooklyn, NY) ~
~ tint(A)nar (Quebec City, QC) ~
~ Seed and Feed Marching Abominable (Atlanta, GA) ~
~ Rude Mechanical Orchestra (Brooklyn, NY) ~
~ The Primate Fiasco (Hatfield, MA) ~
~ Pink Puffers Brass Band (Rome, Italy) ~
~ Minor Mishap Marching Band (Austin, TX) ~
~ Lungs Face Feet (Pittsburgh, PA) ~
~ Loyd Family Players (Oakland, CA) ~
~ Leftist Marching Band (Portsmouth, NH) ~
~ Himalayas (NY, NY) ~
~ Hill Stompers (Los Alamos, NM) ~
~ Gora Gora Orkestar (Boulder, CO) ~
~ Forward! Marching Band (Madison, WI) ~
~ Extraordinary Rendition Band (Providence, RI) ~
~ The Expandable Brass Band (Northampton, MA) ~
~ EE-Environmental Encroachment (Chicago, IL) ~
~ DJA-Rara (Brooklyn, NY) ~
~ Detroit Party Marching Band (Detroit, MI) ~
~ Church Marching Band (Santa Rosa, CA) ~
~ Chaotic Noise Marching Corp (Seattle, WA) ~
~ Chaotic Insurrection Ensemble (Montreal, QC) ~
~ Carnival Band (Vancouver, BC) ~
~ Caka!ak Thunder (Greensboro, NC) ~
~ The Bread & Puppet Theater Circus Band (Glover, VT) ~
~ Brass Messengers (Minneapolis, MN) ~
~ Brass Liberation Orchestra (Oakland, CA) ~
~ Brass Balagan (Burlington, VT) ~

with locals
[subject to revision]

~ AfroBrazil (Boston) ~
~ Dirty Water Brass Band (Somerville) ~
~ Emperor Norton's Stationary Marching Band (Somerville) ~
~ Second Line Social Aid & Pleasure Society Brass Band (Somerville, host
band) ~

events based
in and near
Davis Square, Somerville
Harvard Square, Cambridge

[those event that are ticketed are very affordable] 

(Somerville and Cambridge, MA)  HONK! in a presidential election year! Has a
particular ring to it. 
A raucous reverberating resounding rambunctious ring, that this year will be
mightier than ever in 
waking up the drowsy and encouraging them to romp and stomp! Newly
invigorated by a successful 
Kickstarter campaign, HONK! is ready to kick out some serious activist
street jams.

HONK! – national in scope, with annual HONK!s also being held throughout the
year in Austin, Seattle, 
Providence, Brooklyn – has its roots right here, specifically in Davis
Square, Somerville. Seven years ago, 
12 activist street bands got together to experiment in a new way of raising
awareness about all sorts of socio-political 
issues that seemed to be clamoring for attention. As of last count, there
are 34 bands coming this year from as close by as 
Somerville to as far flung as Italy. Almost three times as many bands to
exert more than thrice the HONK! muscle! Hitting the 
streets to prove that having a HONK!ing good time can indeed be a driving
force for positive change in the world.

>From October 4th through 8th, there will be many mostly free opportunities
to experience the HONK! craze, with outdoor concerts, 
a massive parade and smaller processions, affordably priced indoor concerts,
and a symposium, all taking place in Somerville and 
Cambridge neighborhoods. There will also be plenty of chances for folks to
jump in at the last minute, to cross that invisible line from 
audience to participant, and be actively involved in the fun-making. For
example, individual musicians, not connected to any particular 
HONK! band, are invited to participate on Sunday, October 7th, in the
impromptu “community band” which will be part of the gigantic 
HONK! Parade to Reclaim the Streets for Horns, Bikes and Feet.

Festival updates can be found at http://www.honkfest.org,
http://twitter.com/honkfest, and http://www.facebook.com/honkfestival, or 
by calling 617-383-HONK (4665). PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD! 

And if you can help us with the Parade or assist us in finding Housing or
any number of other HONK! aspects, 
please feel free to send an email to volunteers at honkfest.org. One thing is
guaranteed, you'll have a great time!

Thanks so much, Mary Curtin

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