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Cambridge Forum

October, 2012

Dr. Marcia Angell is coming to Cambridge Forum to discuss the question "May Doctors
Help You Die?"  This Massachusetts November ballot question is not easy to answer
with a simple political calculation.  It calls upon our sense of justice, our ethics,
our compassion in profound and conflicting ways. Join us for a timely conversation
that will stretch your thinking about this controversial issue.
Pat Suhrcke

May Doctors Help You Die?
Dr. Marcia Angell,  senior lecturer in the Division of Medical Ethics at Harvard
 Medical  School, discusses the Massachusetts ballot initiative on physician-assisted
suicide.  How does the Hippocratic Oath square with  the notion that a doctor might
help a patient end his or her life? Under  what circumstances would this be an ethical
act for a physician?  What  are the risks of enacting Death with Dignity legislation?
 Whose  interests does such a law serve?  Dr.  Angell brings years of experience
 with issues in medical ethics, as well  as a moving personal story, to this discussion.
Wednesday, October 3 @ 7pm

What's the Economy For, Anyway?
Activist, author, and film-maker John de Graaflooks  beyond the current downturn
 to explore the assumptions underlying our  economy. In an election cycle that is
focused on our economic future,  his new book, What's the Economy For, Anyway?, 
 offers a  fresh perspective on quality of life, health, security, work-life  balance,
leisure, social justice, and sustainability.  How can we measure economic success?
 Nationally?   Individually?  What is the role of growth in a 21st-century economy?
  What role can governments play in creating economic success?  What is  the individual's
Wednesday, October 10 @7pm

Mark Your Calendar . . .
Censoring Children
MIT's Noam Chomsky and Barbara Lubin of the Middle East Children's Alliance discuss
A Child's View of Gaza,  the book of Palestinian children's artwork slated for exhibition
at the  Oakland Museum of Children's Art. The exhibition was canceled at the  last
minute without explanation. Have children become pawns in a larger  conflict? How
has this come about? What does it say about the  possibilities for peaceful resolution
of the Israeli/Palestinian  impasse?
Wednesday, November 7 @7pm
Co-sponsored by Jewish Voice for Peace, Boston;  American Jews for a Just Peace;
 and the Middle East Education Group at First Parish in Cambridge.

WGBH Forum Network Now on YouTube!
That's right!  Cambridge Forum is  on YouTube.  Find out from Ted Widmer what makes
Rhode Island unique among the 13 colonies (no, it's not its size).
Click here [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001UYu3ZsPttLZp01BmEba58zefy4Ixw0d0-9hN-_zUzOtCZOgEnypPdmatM2lvyEAAfWoTyE20YJsxjW4nfxzvVBqNEIO-duIdAGMXzzMzaqEffD3xR6PBuKioeByWtp558lKKEmSzlBKRwDfMIevPfK_CR-tI9suk]
for Ted's talk on Washington, Longfellow and the Jewish Community at Newport and


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