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The Socialist and the Republican: Marx and Lincoln on the Civil WarRafael

Current attacks on "socialist" policies are meant to portray any form of
radicalism as foreign to American society. Yet if we look back at history,
we find that Horace Greely, a founding father of the Republican Party,
employed Karl Marx as European correspondent for more than a decade at the
New York Tribune, while Lincoln appointed Charles Dana, a son of
Massachusetts and Marx's editor, as his Assistant Secretary of War. In
London in 1864, the first official business of the newly formed
International Working Men's Association (IWA) was to congratulate the
re-elected Lincoln and organize opposition to the European recognition of
the Confederacy. Running against the grain of our present political
culture, we will explore why, how, and when Republican and Socialist
political and intellectual interests coincided. Limited to 16.
*Sec. 01: 10 Mondays, 6:15-7:45 pm. Begins Sep. 24, 42 Brattle St. | $186*

Rafael Pereira started teaching at CCAE in 1989. He has also taught at the
Cambridge Culinary Arts Institute and both the Boston and the Brookline
Centers for Adult Education, and has studied at the school of hotel
administration at Cornell University. Besides teaching cooking classes,
Rafael has written on culture and politics for *La Planeta*.

Rafael says, "My general approach is to give an historical basis and a
cultural dimension to the food, and I do that by starting out with
semi-lectures on the region whose food I am teaching. Teaching the way I do
lets me combine my two passions -- history and cooking. Also, I love to
share personal anecdotes, and because family is so important in Latin and
Spanish cultures, I want to emphasize the significance of sharing food
together. When I was growing up in Puerto Rico, my father used to come home
late from work, but he would still sit us down and prepare us something to
eat. It was implied that food was about the sharing of experiences.
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