[act-ma] Monday, Oct 15: 9/11 Truth ACTION, PICKET: Tell WBUR the 9/11 Truth is entitled to a GENUINELY "Fair and Balanced" presentation of the facts of 9/11/01!

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Sat Oct 13 11:55:13 PDT 2012

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the Boston Alliance for 9/11 Truth and Justice will be *pressing WBUR to 
keep their commitment to airing controversial issues in an 
_authentically_ "Fair and Balanced" manner* at a demonstration to be 
held this coming *Monday 10/15*. Please join in on this action if you can.

Monday, Oct 15
Sheraton Hotel, Boston
39 Dalton Street, Boston

We are looking for people to help protest the censorship by WBUR of 9/11 
Truth. 1 year ago, we picketed their offices on Commonwealth ave as a 
result of their refusal to allow US Senator Mike Gravel an interview on 
their station as well as the hatchet job they did on technical expert 
Kevin Ryan and the 9/11 Truth movement in a 1 hour interview with 
Johnathan Kay (who wrote "Among the Truthers" -- an absurd trashing of 
the 9/11 Truth Movement).

In the above mentioned interview, the moderator allowed Kevin Ryan only 
6 minutes to refute Johnathan Kay. It was _worse_ than any "fair and 
balanced" Fox interview!

We have been waiting for another event to *protest WBUR*. Now have 
an opportunity again to do so at WBUR's upcoming celebration on October 
15, 2012 at the Sheraton Hotel in Boston (near the Pru) at 6:30 PM. That 
is *this coming Monday*. We have signs that read "Stop NPR/WBUR 
censorship of 9/11 Truth". We also have A&E 9/11 Truth colored "Street 
Action" brochures to hand out and a limited number of ESO dvds.

* Will _you_ join us?! * Please call contact Al Magaletta for details if 
you can make it.

Thanks, Al Magaletta
alfred.magaletta at gmail.com <mailto:alfred.magaletta at gmail.com>
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(Note: to "Subscribe" to the "9/11 Truth" mailings send request to 
imagine at ourworldunited.net <mailto:imagine at ourworldunited.net> )


*"May 9/11 Truth be properly investigated and widely publicized*

*And may this contribute to greater justice, liberty and peace*

*for people all around the world."*


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