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Gaza: No Justice, No Peace?

with Jeff Klein of Dorchester People for Peace


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Over a million and a half impoverished people live in Gaza, a narrow strip
of land that has been referred to as the world's largest open-air prison.
Residents of Gaza have few if any legal rights.  An Israeli blockade
severely restricts imports, almost completely restricts exports, and limits
travel in-and-out to such an extent that people have died after being denied
the right to travel for medical care.  Palestinians in Gaza and elsewhere
are virtually stateless; refugees in what they consider to be their own
land.  It is not surprising that many people subjected to these conditions
hate the entity that imposed them.  Palestinian youths have been known to
stand up to heavily armed Israeli troops by hurling stones.  It is
regrettable, but not surprising, that, when some of them manage to obtain
more deadly armaments, they hurl them, also.  Israel responds with vastly
superior force, but it is hard to see how this cycle can ever reach a
conclusion short of genocide of the Palestinian people.  Something has to


Was last week's cease-fire negotiation a promising sign for new
breakthroughs in the region?  Or just an insignificant blip in a long,
downward trajectory?  Who are the players (such as Hamas, the Palestinian
Authority, Likud, the Egyptian Moslem Brotherhood)?  What are their goals?
Is there any ground for negotiation?  What has to happen for a lasting peace
in these troubled lands?  What can activists, and the international
community, do to help bring it about?


Jeff Klein, is a retired machinist and union activist.  He worked at GE in
Lynn and for the Mass Water Resources Authority on Deer Island, where he was
president of his local union for ten years.  Since 2003 he has been active
with Dorchester People for Peace in opposing US wars abroad and promoting
social justice at home.   During the past decade he has traveled almost
every year to Palestine/Israel and elsewhere in the Middle East,
participating in solidarity efforts and promoting freedom for the
Palestinians from occupation and racism.  He has spoken about the
Israel-Palestine conflict in schools, churches, community and peace
organizations, mosques, has appeared on local TV and radio, and has
published articles and op-ed pieces on US policy, politics and Middle East
issues.  He lives in Dorchester, MA and has two grown children.


Wed 11/28 "Gaza: No Justice, No Peace?" with Jeff Klein
Wednesday, 11/28/2012 7:00 pm USA Eastern Time
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