[act-ma] 2/02 About the Black in Cuba: Illusions and ‘pipe dreams’ by Tomás Fernández Robaina

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Wed Jan 23 06:27:04 PST 2013

  South Asians for Global Justice, The Western Hemisphere Project at MIT
and the July 26 Coalition

present a talk titled -

*About the Black in Cuba: Illusions and ‘pipe dreams’*

/by Tomás Fernández Robaina/
Senior Researcher at the *National Cuban Library* and
professor in the Art, Communication and Social Sciences Department - 
*University of Havana, Cuba*

Introduced by Anthony Van Der Meer
     Senior Lecturer of Africana Studies, U Mass Boston

*Date*: Saturday, February 2nd, 2013
*Time*: 3-5 PM.
*Where*: MIT Room *4-237*

"Skin color discrimination and racial prejudices are essential 
components throughout the social history, political and economic, of 
Cuban society until the triumph of the revolution. If, until the XIX 
century, Black Africans constituted the main work force that would 
enrich the colony, both materially and spiritually, this system was 
articulated to reactionary theories and doctrines, justifying the 
utilization of slave work, in the Republican period the black was double 
exploited in her or his condition as a worker and for having dark-skin."
*Tomas Fernández Robaina*. */Black in Cuba 1902-1958/*

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*Tomas* is the author of Black in Cuba, 1902-1958 (1994), Speak out 
Santeros (Santerians) and Paleros (Priests) (1997), and Afro-Cuban 
Identity: Culture and Nationality (2009). Amongst many published papers 
on the subject of Afro-Cubans are: For a more Participatory Debate on 
the Cuban Independent Color Party (2012); The Battle against Racism in 
Cuba (2012); Cuban Independent Color Party, were they Racists or 
Annexionists? (2012); Racism in the Cuban Cartoon (2011); Why is it 
Necessary that All Afro-Descendants from Latin America, The Caribbean, 
and North America Know more about each other? (2011); Toward the 
Centennial of the Founding of the Cuban Independent Color Party: Three 
New Contributions to Critical Approach (2008); The Black Topic and its 
treatment in RAP Music (2002).

*Professor Van Der Meer* is the former Chairman of the Black Political 
Task Force of Boston. Professor Van Der Meer’s area of research is 
focused on African diaspora religion and culture and its image in the 
mass media.

More information about him is available on AfroCubanweb


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