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======== ANTI-DRONE ORGANIZING MEETING =======================================

The Network to Stop Drone Surveillance and Warfare (NSDSW) was organized in  
New York on December 15, 2012, with the following statement of purpose:

/Horrified by the facts of the era of drone warfare and surveillance  
technology, we declare our commitment to establishing an ongoing network of  
groups and organizations. The *Network to Stop Drone Surveillance and  
Warfare* seeks to initiate and coordinate events and actions that will raise  
a united and spirited voice for justice and peace, and to stop weaponized  
drones and related technology applications. These activities are aimed at  
highlighting the illegality, immorality, and unconstitutional nature of using  
drones to spy on and/or kill human beings./
The Network has called for "April Days of Action [1]" to spotlight drone  
manufacturing facilities, drone research and training, and drone bases.

United for Justice with Peace calls for Eastern Massachusetts organizers to  
join together to take up the NSDSW's call, plan one or more April actions,  
and potentially form an ongoing network.

*When: Monday, March 4, 2013, 7:00 pm*

*Where:* *American Friends Service Committee*
* 2161 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge
Porter Sq T*

The meeting will address both weaponized drones and surveillance drones.  
 After introductions, we will present the information we have on drone  
manufacturing and research activity in the Greater Boston area, then discuss  
possible campaign targets and campaign planning.

Contact UJP at 617-383-4857 or e-mail info at justicewithpeace.org [2] for more  

United for Justice with Peace [3] is a coalition of peace and justice  
organizations and community peace groups in the Greater Boston region. The  
UJP Coalition, formed after September 11th, seeks global peace through social  
and economic justice.

/Help us continue to do this critical work! Make a donation to UJP today.  

info at justicewithpeace.org [5]

617-383-4857 www.justicewithpeace.org [6] Upcoming Events:  Budget for All /  
Fund Our Communities Not War - Statewide Meeting [7] Sat Feb 23 1:00pm  
Worcester Friends Meeting Worcester Deepening Crisis in the Middle East:  
Syria, Iran and Israel/Palestine [8] Mon Feb 25 7:00pm Boston University -  
CAS Room 211 Boston Pull the Pentagon Pork! [9] Wed Feb 27 4:30pm Park St  
Station Boston Anti-Drone Organizing Meeting [10] Mon Mar 4 7:00pm American  
Friends Service Committee Cambridge Saint Patrick’s Peace Parade [11] Sun  
Mar 17 2:00pm South Boston Music for Peace: Music of Rachmaninov and Schumann  
[12] Fri Apr 19 7:30pm Harvard-Epworth United Methodist Church Cambridge
/More Peace and Justice Events [13].    How to Submit Events [14]/ 

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[1] http://nodronesnetwork.blogspot.com/2012/12/national-anti-drone-group-calls-for.html
[2] mailto:info at justicewithpeace.org
[3] http://justicewithpeace.org
[4] http://justicewithpeace.org/donate
[5] mailto:info at justicewithpeace.org
[6] http://www.justicewithpeace.org
[7] http://justicewithpeace.org/node/4273
[8] http://justicewithpeace.org/node/4266
[9] http://justicewithpeace.org/pull-the-pork
[10] http://justicewithpeace.org/node/4287
[11] http://justicewithpeace.org/st-patricks-2013
[12] http://justicewithpeace.org/node/4285
[13] http://justicewithpeace.org/upcoming-events
[14] http://justicewithpeace.org/posting-events
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