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Wed May 1 23:24:29 PDT 2013

GASLAND. A Film By Josh Fox


True to our origin, we want to offer GASLAND Part II to the grassroots 
first.  Before the HBO broadcast, before Hollywood and DC, you get it.  
We’re coming to you.

 From day one, it’s been people like you at the heart of this movement. 
You’ve become the inspiration that keeps us going and the reason GASLAND 
Part II exists.

But we’re not done yet. Before we begin our tour this summer we need 
your help with two things.

1. Can you forward this email to five friends and ask them to join us 

2. Fill out this form 
and let us know who you are. This movement has grown exponentially since 
we started, and we need to know which organizations and communities are 
with us.

Gasland inspired the world to take a closer look at the dangers of 
fracking, but it’s been supporters like you who have kept it at the 
forefront of the national debate.

In GASLAND Part II/, /we have undertaken an unflinching, fearless 
investigation of the toxic influences polluting our democracy.//GASLAND 
Part II delves even deeper into the corrupt and poisonous world of 
hydraulic fracturing, exposing the forces desperately working to keep us 
addicted to the shrinking resources of the fossil fuel industries.

Ultimately, GASLAND Part II calls us to action, demanding that We The 
People do “The most we can do”, and that we command our elected 
officials to pursue a future we can all live in.

You can answer that call right now.

If you’re getting this email from a friend join us today 
We’ll keep you updated on screenings and ways to get involved.

And if you’ve been involved all along, fill out this form 
we know where we stand and how best to support the incredible movement 
you’ve built.


Josh and The /GASLAND /Team

Follow us on Facebook 
and Twitter 



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