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Subject: Who's Speaking at Left Forum 2013 - Panels and Workshops
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[Left Forum is being "live streamed..." Details in a seperate email to follow.   cheers  James]

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Subject: Who's Speaking at Left Forum 2013 - Panels and Workshops
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											Here is a sampling of speakers, and the panels and workshops they are doing at this year's Left Forum. 
											Click or mouse over the names below to see thier panels. 
											Also included below is a downloadable pdf with bios of more than 1,200 speakers. 
												Frances Fox Piven
												Medea Benjamin
												Richard Wolff
												Laura Flanders
												Tiosakin Ghosthorse
												Debra White Plume
											Michael Moore
												Ras Baraka
												Stanley Aronowitz
												Maria  Perceval
												Max Rameau
												Terisa Turner
												Heather Rogers
												Rob Robinson
												Maliha Safri
												Antonino D'Ambrosio
												Sherry Wolf
												Greg Madrick
										 John Nichols
												Imran Ali Malik
												Al-Tariq Shabazz
												Eric Mann
												Sarah Leonard
												Leslie Cagan
												Kazembe Balagun
												Christopher Malone
												Sowore Omoyele
												Bertha Lewis
												Helena Wong
												Ellen David Friedman
												John Fugelsang
												Sheila Collins
												Jeremy Glick
												Josefa Salmon
												Tess Fraad Wolff
												Doug Henwood
												Paul Street
												Michael Ratner
												Patrick Bond
												Lamis Deek
												Andrew Ross
												Joel Kovel
												Deepa Kumar
												Dr. Margaret Flowers
												Norman Finkelstein
												Gabriela Rendon
												Chip Berlet
												Radhika Desai
												Wei Xiaoping
												Monica Perez Nevarez
												Bruno Gullì
												Patricia Clough
												Freddy Bastone
												Abby Scher
												Gabriel Nadeau-Duboi
												Eddie Yuen
												Kali Akuno
												Herb Boyd
												Bitta Mostofi
												Sutapa Chattopadhyay
												Julianna Forlano
												Tahir Della
												Arun Gupta
												Pam Africa
												Walter Tsou, MD, MPH
												Partho Sarathi Ray
												Sarah Jaffe
												Bahar Behbahani
										Glen Ford
												Sutapa Chattopadhya
												Ben Barber
												Nancy Romer
												Peter Bratsis
												Michael Pelias
												Nellie Hester Bailey
												Zohra Ahmed
												Brian Tokar
												Natassa Romanou
												Divine Muragijimana
										 Betty Davis
												Michael Premo
												Betsy Reed
												Richard Smith
												Costas Panayotakis
												Steve Williams
												Charles Lenchner
												Cheri Honkala
												Yolanda Martin
												Walda Katz-Fishman
												Rukia Lumumba
												Anja Rudiger
												Helen Redmond
												Dan La Botz
												Sandy Jimenez
												Bruno Bosteels
												Martha Livingston
												Betty Wambui
												Vivek Chibber 
						Download Bios Here. (these bios will give conference

						attendees added background inforfmation to decide which panels attend). 
						Conference Program: The complete conference schedule and conference guide is now online as a pdf Here. It can be downloaded and printed or stored on your smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. 
						Register at the Door: Starting at 2:00 pm on Friday and 8:00 am on Saturday & Sunday; See Registration Info Here.
											Left Forum 2013, June 7-9  

											Pace University, 

											1 Pace Plaza New York, NY
											leftforum.org|leftforum at leftforum.org
											Volunteer on site for a shift and attend the conference for free: sign up here.
												Videographers: videotape two or more sessions and get in free: sign up here.
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