[act-ma] PirateCon 2013 on June 29th - talks on Govt. surveillance, crowdfunding, open gov. oh my!

James O'Keefe jokeefe at jamesokeefe.org
Fri Jun 21 06:37:55 PDT 2013

*PirateCon 2013 is June 29th*

PirateCon 2013 is the Massachusetts Pirate Party's 2nd
annual ideas conference.

David House, digital activist and founding member of the Bradley Manning
Support Network, will give the keynote address.

Panelists and speakers include Michael Morisy of MuckRock, Wendy Seltzer of
the W3C, Evan Greer of Fight For The Future, French Pirate Candidate
Véronique Vermorel and the incomparable Gregg Housh.

Registration is only $10 and free for those under 18.  *You can register
*. There will be free wifi at the conference.

The schedule is below:
TimeTalk/PanelSpeakers 10amOpening the Gates: How To Challenge Our Nation’s
Two-Party Monopoly David House11am Open GovernmentMichael Morisy, Shauna
Gordon-McKeon, Steve Buckley and Barry Rafkind noonGovernment Power in
Moyer, Gregg Housh, Alex Marthews and Rich Aucoin 1pmLunch 2pmCrowdfundingPeter
Dilworth of Wobbleworks and Jordyn Bonds 3pmCopyright and Internet
Architecture: Where Have We Come Since SOPA/PIPA? Wendy Seltzer4pm Don’t
Agonize, Organize!Evan Greer, Véronique Vermorel and Gregg Housh 5pmHow We
Will Prevent The Surveillance DystopiaAlex Marthews

You can find out more about the conference at the Mass. Pirate Party web
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