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June 20, 2013

Our Documentary on Survivors of Torture is Finished!

Dear Friends:
Six years in the making, Refuge: Caring for Survivors of Torture will be
released for distribution within the next few weeks. Just a hair over
57-minutes, Refuge profiles five treatment and support programs in Minneapolis,
Atlanta, the Boston area, and Washington, DC. See some of the early responses in
the box below.

Right now,the film is being closed-captioned for the hearing impaired, and we're
working on package design. The program will be available in both DVD and
Blu-ray. Distribution arrangements will be announced soon. In the meantime,
please contact me by email if you'd like to receive more information about the
film, or about screenings and obtaining copies: [2]ben at refugemediaproject.org

“A moving look at what survivors like our clients have been through before
seeking refuge here, and an introduction to some of the people who welcome and
support them. Refuge will be a great resource for orienting staff and
volunteers, and for letting our community know what it is we do and why we need
to be here to do it."

— Curt Goering, Executive Director, Center for Victims of Torture

“A beautiful, powerful, and inspiring film.”

— Scott Wright, Torture Abolution & Survivor Support Coalition

“Beautifully highlights and humanizes the issues faced by torture survivors and
those treating them.”

— Christie C. Fujio, JD, MA, Physicians for Human Rights

Refuge: Caring for Survivors of Torture"

More than a million refugees, asylum seekers, and other immigrants to the United
States have been victims of politically motivated torture. They come here from
all parts of the world – some legally, some undocumented, some with families and
some very much alone. They live in major American cities and in small towns.
Some survivors bear visible scars, but many more have been wounded in ways that
remain hidden.

Advocates for torture survivors, dedicated healthcare and social service
professionals, and hundreds of citizen volunteers have united to create programs
throughout the country that provide care and support to survivors who have come
here to make new lives.
Based on interviews with dozens of survivors, and with the professionals and
volunteers who are helping them to heal, this film is a tribute to their courage
and dedication, and a call to action.

We Need Your Support!
An estimated hundred and fifty countries practice torture, and thousands of
their victims arrive in the United States each year. Through its creation and
distribution of powerful and evocative video and multimedia resources, [3]The
Refuge Media Project supports the work of the dedicated professionals, students,
and volunteers who are helping survivors of torture create new lives for
themselves and their families.

Our donors are our lifeline. Please continue to support the Refuge Media Project
and help us spread the word. Please consider making a [4]tax-deductible

We're deeply grateful for your help!

Ben Achtenberg
Producer / Project Director


[6]ben at refugemediaproject.org


1. https://www.donationpay.org/documentaries/give/?film=REFUGE&maker=A%20documentary%20by%20Ben%20Achtenberg
2. mailto:ben at refugemediaproject.org
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6. mailto:ben at refugemediaproject.org

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