[act-ma] What if MA cops had same power as NSA?

Evan Greer evangreer at gmail.com
Wed Jun 19 08:37:08 PDT 2013

Hey all,

I know we don't usually get too into legislative stuff, but this is one
petition I think is pretty worth spreading far and wide.

Right now Massachusetts' Wiretapping laws are some of the narrowest in the
country. Sure the FBI or NSA can still spy on you, but your average local
or state cop will have some trouble unless they can show probable cause
that you're suspected of involvement in organized crime. Now they're trying
to change that law to drastically expand it and allow local cops to obtain
wiretaps or even the mildest offenses down to simple drug possession.
What's worse, they want to have direct, NSA-style access to phone company
switching stations, which will let the cops collect data not just on
suspects but on anyone who shares a phone company with a suspect. It's

Anyhow, this is one law we actually have a good chance of stopping in its
tracks, with all the scandal in the news about the NSA.

Digital Fourth, a local digital rights group that's just forming, has set
up this petition: http://masswiretap-digitalfourth.nationbuilder.com/

It's really worth signing and sharing around to your networks. Bad
publicity about this law could be enough for the MA Legislature to drop it,
and that will piss off the cops.

Get it? Want to piss off the cops? Sign this petition:

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