[act-ma] PassMassAmendment MeetIng *THIS* SATURDAY 6/29: ballot initiative "CORPORATIONS are NOT PEOPLE"

Wes Nickerson wn at wesnick.com
Wed Jun 26 10:23:52 PDT 2013

Ballot Initiative "CORPORATIONS are NOT PEOPLE"
PassMassAmendment MeetIng *THIS* SATURDAY 6/29

The Greater Boston Chapter of the Green Rainbow-Party has endorsed!
Noam Chomsky Endorses! Occupy Middlesex Stands in Solidarity!

Please let us know if YOUR org can endorse! And please forward to  
activist lists...

****************REMINDER...Meeting THIS Saturday 6/29  

And meeting EVERY OTHER SATURDAY from through the fall
at the Democracy Center in Cambridge 2-4 pm
Come after you check out the Pirate Party Conference!

Also, heads up, we'll be presenting at the Climate Justice Hub  
in Davis Square on July 16th. This student run space/org is amazing!


Please join us in organizing a petition drive to get 90,000 signatures
(September 18th to November 20th) to force the the legislature to take
a position on an amendment declaring:

      ~ "Corporations Are Not People" ~
      ~ ~ ~ "Money Is Not Speech" ~ ~ ~

            Ballot Initiative to
       Amend the State Constitution
* * * * * * * Starting in 2013 * * * * * *

Organizing Meetings, EVERYOTHER SATURDAY, 2-4 pm
Democracy Center, 45 Mt Auburn St, Cambridge

“Big Money” in politics hurts our communities and small business.
Corporate dominance of Government and the political process is
placing undue burdens on the people.

Getting the signatures puts the question in front of the legislature.
If 25% of the legislators, in 2 consecutive sessions vote to put the
language on the ballot, the question goes to the people. It would be
the first constitutional amendment driven by ballot initiative in
decades.  Last year, the Legislature passed a resolution almost  
consenting to the concept, but have done nothing to make it law.
We believe that if the question is put to them, that they will be
forced by their constituencies to vote for the amendment.

We've waited long enough...

Let's take back our democracy from big business!

Again, it starts in Massachusetts!
Join the Battle of our Age!

See you there!

If you want to get on the list for future announcements, please let us


Terra Friedrichs
Socially Conscious Business Consultant
978 808 7173 (cell)
978 266 2775 (desk)
978 266 2778 (home/messages)
disaster relief ops: www.citizencommandcenter.org
responsible sustainable business resources:
mining: http://www.responsiblemining.net/
manufacturing: http://responsiblemanufacturingproject.com/
labor: http://www.fairlabor.org/

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