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Meet Friday, July 27, 1pm
Part St T-Station
Details at Facebook <https://www.facebook.com/events/191172314377855>

Defense concludes with star witness, files 4 motions to drop charges.

Defense concludes with star witness, files 4 motions to drop charges.

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Bradley Manning Support Network <http://BradleyManning.org>

    Bradley Manning supporters buoyed by incompetent over-prosecution


Supporters holding vigil at Fort Meade

The U.S. government concluded its five-week case against PFC Bradley 
Manning the first week of July after providing a surprising lack of 
evidence that the Army soldier had “aided the enemy” by passing military 
and diplomatic documents to WikiLeaks. In response, *Bradley’s defense 
filed four motions to direct a verdict of not guilty on most of the 
greater offenses he’s charged with*, including “aiding the enemy,” 
violating the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, and stealing government 

All four motions are filed under Rule for Court Martial 917 (d), which 
says a not-guilty verdict shall be granted in the “absence of some 
evidence which, together with all reasonable inferences and applicable 
presumptions, could reasonably tend to establish every essential element 
of an offense charged.” *Each motion carefully lays out the ways in 
which the government’s own witnesses failed to confirm the prosecution’s 
arguments set forth in opening arguments.*



    Defense concludes with star witness

On the final day of Bradley Manning’s defense’s case, Harvard Law 
Professor and renowned scholar Yochai Benkler testified about how the 
Internet has transformed journalism’s function in a democracy and why 
WikiLeaks should be considered a legitimate news organization that is 
devoted to exposing corruption. He testified that since its inception 
WikiLeaks has played a critical role in investigative journalism and 
that the leak of the Iraq and Afghan war logs revealed large disparities 
between civilian casulaties reported by the government those reported 
from the released documents.

*Benkler was extremely critical of the unlawful pretrial abuse Bradley 
Manning endured* and said that such abuse was meant to strike fear into 
future whistleblowers, and that it threatened investigative journalism 
as a whole. Further, the charges gainst Manning, if found guilty, would 
set a dangerous precedent whereby any news organization or journalist 
covering government corruption could be charged with 'aiding the enemy'. 
Earlier in the week former chief prosecutor at Guantanamo Col. Morris 
Davis testified that *the released Guantanamo Detainee Assessments were 
not a threat to national security* and that they revealed much less than 
other documents that had already been published by the Pentagon.

      Read daily reports from the courtroom...


    Worldwide call to action July 27th


Marching for Bradley

On Friday, July 26, 2013 we will have our major protest in Washington 
outside the office of the convening authority for Bradley Manning's 
trial. The following day, July 27, we ask supporters around the world to 
hold solidarity actions for what will be the last coordinated Day of 
Action of Bradley Manning's trial.

*Looking for an idea for an event? *Consider putting on this street 
theatre performance 
<http://bradass87.wordpress.com/street-theater-script/> written by 
Claire Lebowitz which was performed at NYC Pride and other solidarity 
events. It only requires 2 performers and its a wonderful way to charge 
your event and catch peoples interest!

      July 26th

Washington, DC. Protest in front of Convening Authority Maj. General 
Buchanan's office 

      July 27th

Vancouver, BC. 
	Rally and banner drop. (pdf poster)
Los Angeles, CA. 
	Solidarity Rally.
Boston, MA. <https://www.facebook.com/events/191172314377855/> 
Solidarity with Bradley Manning Stand Out.
Portland, ME. 
	Support Bradley Manning Rally.
Brussels, Belgium. 
	March for Bradley Manning.
Minneapolis, MN 
	July 27th Solidarity Rally for Bradley Manning
London, UK. 
	Peaceful vigil in front of the Amnesty International Secretariat office.
London, UK. 
	International Day of Action for Bradley.
Fairford, UK. 
<https://orders.bradleymanning.org/support_events/air-warrrrrrrrrr> 	Air 
Perth, Australia. 
	Education and Awareness-Whistleblowers.

      Find events and/or register our own.


    Courtroom art auction to raise funds for Bradley's defense


Original Watercolor Portrait of Private Bradley Manning by Court Artist 
Debra Van Poolen. Medium: Watercolor

The Bradley Manning Support Network is pleased to announce that 
courtroom artists Kay Rudin, Clark Stoeckley, and Debra Van Poolen are 
auctioning off artwork which they have produced while observing the 
court martial of Pfc. Bradley Manning. This week features art from 
Debra. New items will be added each week so check back often as we lead 
into the July 27 worldwide call to action! 

The online auction will last three weeks, beginning July 9 and ending 
July 29. Each week new pieces will be added. The auction is timed to 
lead up to and encompass an International Day of Action on July 27 when 
people around the globe will demonstrate their support for Bradley.

      View the courtroom art auction!


    Help us continue to cover 100%
    of Bradley's legal fees! Donate today.

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