[act-ma] video, Aug 22nd - 25th: livestream, "The Radicalization of Bradley Manning"

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"radical" good; apathy/compliance not

"/what Bradley Manning 'did to America' is no different than what a 
doctor does to a patient when he removes an abscessed tooth./"   help 
remove the abscess in DC

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  Bradley_Manning_background_image_template_0See Livestream: THE

*The Edinburgh Festival is providing livestream of the award winning 
film about Bradley Manning
August 6th – 25th, 2013*

“The Radicalization of Bradley Manning” is written by Tim Price and 
directed by John McGrath

Bradley Manning is the 25-year old US soldier accused of releasing 
250,000 secret embassy cables and military logs from the Iraq and Afghan 
wars. After more than three years in prison without charge, Manning is 
now awaiting his sentence, having been found guilty of crimes that could 
mean life in prison. But just a few years ago, he was a teenager in west 
Wales. How did this happen? And who is responsible for his radicalisation?

The show will be performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2013, as 
part of the British Council Showcase, with every performance streamed 
live online <http://nationaltheatrewales.org/BradleyLive>.

Click here <http://nationaltheatrewales.org/BradleyLive> to join us for 
the live online experience.

  National Theatre Wales

"We create invigorating theatre in the English language, rooted in 
Wales, with an international reach. We will be livestreaming all 
upcoming performances of our award winning production The Radicalisation 
of Bradley Manning from the Edinburgh Fringe, as part of the British 
Council Showcase this year.

    Bradley Manning play wins British drama award

via: http://www.street-papers.org / Reuters / By Ian McKenzie

A poster with the face of U.S. Army Private First Class Bradley Manning 
is attached to the fence outside the main gate at the U.S. Army’s Fort 
George G. Meade in Maryland, June 3, 2013.

Photo: Reuters/Larry Downing

Welsh playwright Tim Price’s “The Radicalization of Bradley Manning” won 
the prestigious James Tait Black Prize for Drama at an awards ceremony 
in Edinburgh, Scotland. His play is based on the life of Bradley Manning 
, the U.S. soldier who was convicted of espionage (among other charges) 
by a military judge for passing information to anti-secrecy website 
WikiLeaks. The play became the first winner of the 10,000-pound 
($15,300) James Tait Black Prize for Drama.

The play tracks the U.S.-born Manning’s journey from his teenage years 
in a Welsh village through his life as a U.S. soldier and subsequent 
arrest in 2010 for passing hundreds of thousands of classified documents 
to WikiLeaks.

“I am thrilled to be recognized by such a prestigious award and honored 
to be chosen as winner from such a fantastic shortlist of plays” Price 
said in a statement on the prize’s website.

A military judge convicted U.S. Army Private First Class Manning, 25, of 
criminal charges including espionage and theft of classified information.

Price told Reuters that Manning’s Welsh mother had seen the play and 
mailed the script to her son. He also said that some of the prize money 
would go to Manning’s defense fund.

“Bradley’s now got a global family thanks to our play,” Price said.

Price’s work was chosen from a list of 180 plays submitted from around 
the world by a panel, which included academics and students from the 
University of Edinburgh, as well as theater professionals.

The play was read out loud at the prize ceremony in Edinburgh, and 
Manning came across as a shy and somewhat dysfunctional computer expert, 
who was tormented by his sexuality and the harsh discipline he 
encountered in the military.

“His play is emotionally resonant on many levels, challenges thinking 
and teaches us things we did not know with a truly unique voice — 
exactly what this prize sets out to recognize,” said panel member Neil 
Murray, who is also executive producer at the National Theatre of Scotland.

“The Radicalization of Bradley Manning” is being performed by the 
National Theatre of Wales at Edinburgh’s Festival Fringe until August 
25. It had its first staging in April 2012 at the Welsh high school 
Manning used to attend.

Based at Edinburgh University, The James Tait Black Prizes were 
established in 1919 and are the oldest literary prizes in Britain. The 
drama category is new this year.

The Prizes also hand out awards for fiction and biography. Previous 
winners include Nobel Prize laureates J.M. Coetzee and “Lord of the 
Flies” author William Golding.

“His thorough research, political savvy and above all his compassion are 
evident when you read this play, and typical of the kind of bold writing 
for which Tim is becoming known,” the play’s director, John McGrath, 
said in a statement on the website of the National Theatre of Wales.

Manning was serving in Iraq in 2010 when he was arrested and charged 
with leaking files, including videos of a 2007 attack by a U.S. 
helicopter gunship in Baghdad that killed a dozen people, including two 
Reuters news staff. Other files contained diplomatic cables and secret 
details on prisoners held at Guantanamo Bay.

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