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Canal Restorer to River Restorer?


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Monday, September 2

8am - 4pm  MassResults: Building a Results Oriented Government

Tuesday, September 3

11am - 4pm  Wonder Woman Photo Shoot
4pm  Language, reasoning, and commonsense knowledge
6:30pm  Veronica Rudge Green Prize in Urban Design Award Ceremony
6:30pm  Hackspace Meetup
7pm  WONDER WOMEN! The Untold Story of American Superheroines
7pm  Green tech Entrepreneur Forum & Brainstorming

Wednesday, September 4

12pm  The air quality co-benefits of national US climate change and clean energy policy 
4pm  The Social Brain: New Opportunities for Discovery & Technology Development
4:15pm  "Comparing and Contrasting Health and Transportation as Complex Sociotechnical Systems"

Thursday, September 5

9am - 4 pm  Smart Systems in a Changing Society
12pm  The Benefits and Impact of Urban Agriculture and Rooftop Farming in Greater Boston
4pm  Design at Large
5pm  "CO2 and Business"
7pm  GSC Sustainability Subcommittee Kickoff Meeting
7pm  Stompy

Friday, September 5

3pm  Napalm: An American Biography
7pm  Great Boston Permaculture Guild Book/Movie Discussion Group
7pm  Honey Party

Saturday, September 7

9:30am - 12pm  Sustainable Middlesex Meeting
1pm - 5pm  MIT Global Founders' Skills Accelerator Demo Day

Sunday, September 8

3pm  Crowdfunding Meet Up with Guest Speaker David Laituri

Monday, September 9

12pm  Systems Dynamics-Based Strategies for Introducing Alternative Fuel Vehicles in India
12:15pm   "The Anthropologist and the Conspiracy Theory: Suspicion and Research after Bhopal"
4pm  Berkman Center Fall 2013 Open House
6pm  "Riptide: Digital Disruption of the News Business." 
6pm  Tour of the Fresh Pond Water Purification Facility
7pm  "Science and Cooking"
7pm  Networking for Food Entrepreneurs
7pm  The biomechanics of insect flight

Tuesday, September 10

9:30am  Rally to Make MA the First State to Divest from Fossil Fuels!
12pm  Innovate: Salmaan Craig
1pm - 9pm  Bee Day at Harvard
2pm  Weld Hill: Science and Sustainability
3pm  Wind Technology Testing Center Tour with Young Professionals in Energy
6pm  Mass Innovation Nights


Event Details

Monday, September 2

MassResults: Building a Results Oriented Government
Wednesday, March 20, 2013
8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
UMass Boston, Campus Center Ballroom, 100 William T Morrissey Boulevard, Boston
RSVP at http://www.eventbrite.com/event/5201586084/

Hosted by the Collins Center for Public Management of the McCormack Graduate School of Policy and Global Studies, UMass Boston

Program Outline  (Speakers invited/final agenda subject to confirmation)
8:00 – 8:50  Arrival, Registration, Continental Breakfast
8:50 – 9:05  Welcome Remarks by Ira Jackson, Dean, McCormack Graduate School
9:05 – 9:35  Keynote Address by Richard Serino, Deputy Administrator, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
9:35 - 9:50  Performance Management Address by Mark Fine, Director, Strategic Planning & Performance Improvement, Executive Office of Administration and Finance
9:50 – 10:50  Morning Plenary: Lessons Learned Implementing Performance Management
Dean Ira Jackson, Moderator
Gary Lambert, Assistant Secretary, Operational Services Division
Dr. Julian Harris, Director, MassHealth
Rachel Kaprielian, Registrar, Registry of Motor Vehicles
10:50 – 11:05  Break
11:05 – 12:05  Morning Breakout Sessions:
Using Performance Data to Manage, Moderated by Russ Meekins
Program Budgeting, Moderated by Mark FineDirector, Strategic Planning & Performance Improvement Executive Office of Administration and Finance
Measuring Performance, Moderated by Ed Burke, Collins Center
12:05 – 1:00  Lunch
1:00 – 1:10  Dean Jackson introduces Governor Deval Patrick
1:10 – 1:30  Governor Patrick’s Address
1:30 – 1:45  Break
1:45 – 2:45  Afternoon Breakout Sessions:
Using Performance Dara to Manage, Moderated by Russ Meekins 
Program Budgeting, Moderated by Mark Fine Director, Strategic Planning & Performance Improvement, Executive Office of Administration and Finance
Measuring Performance, Moderated by Ed Burke, Collins Center
2:45 – 3:00  Break                                                               
3:00 - 3:20  Afternoon Plenary:  MassResults: Building a Results-Oriented Government
Glen Shor, Secretary,  Executive Office for Administration and Finance
3:20 - 4:00  Auditor Suzanne Bump, Address on Performance Auditing
4:00 - 4:05  Closing Remarks by Dean Jackson

Why Attend?
Learn about progress made in performance management in the Commonwealth
Learn about linking performance and budget
Hear from federal, state and municipal leaders on how they put performance management into practice
Learn how to use performance management in your organization

Open to all, but SEATING IS LIMITED, so register now.
Speakers invited/final agenda subject to confirmation.
For more information, contact:
KR Kaffenberger: Kr.Kaffenberger at umb.edu

Tuesday, September 3

Wonder Woman Photo Shoot
Tuesday, September 3
MIT, Building 10 Lobby, 77 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge

You can be Wonder Woman too!
Wonder Woman costume: lasso of truth, tiara, T-shirts and skirts for children and adults of all sizes provided at the photo shoot. 

Free Wonder Woman swag for all participants!

Web site: web.mit.edu/wgs/
Open to: the general public
Cost: FREE
Sponsor(s): Women's and Gender Studies
For more information, contact:
The Friendly WGS Staff
wgs at mit.edu 


Language, reasoning, and commonsense knowledge
Tuesday, September 03, 2013
MIT, Building 46-3002, Singleton Auditorium, 43 Vassar Street, Cambridge

Speaker: Noah D. Goodman , Stanford University
MIT Intelligence Initiative Seminar Series

Abstract: Human reasoning is a beautiful puzzle: it is productive, extending to new situations without bound, and it is uncertain, dealing gracefully with noisy evidence and shades of belief. Reasoning is also a key window on cognition, providing some of our best evidence about the structures that underly everyday, commonsense thought. I will argue that the core representations that support reasoning can be understood as a 'probabilistic language of thought', and that reasoning is an approximation to probabilistic inference. I will illustrate this claim with examples of reasoning about games and property induction. However, I will suggest that the bridge between the probabilistic language of thought and empirical data is a firm understanding of natural language. I will sketch a model of natural language pragmatics and semantics, and describe experimental evidence from communication games and quantity implicature. I will then describe how we can extend this framework to encompass vague language, focussing on scalar adjectives (like "tall"). I will conclude by coming back to reasoning, explaining two puzzling patterns: the sorites paradox and the effect of additional premises when reasoning general-to-specific. Time permitting, I will discuss possible process-level implementations in a short coda.

Web site: http://isquared.mit.edu/
Open to: the general public
Cost: Free & Open to public
Sponsor(s): Brain and Cognitive Sciences, McGovern Institute for Brain Research
For more information, contact:
Kathleen D. Sullivan
kdsulliv at mit.edu 


Veronica Rudge Green Prize in Urban Design Award Ceremony
WHEN  Tue., Sep. 3, 2013, 6:30 – 8:30 p.m.
WHERE  Piper Auditorium, Gund Hall, 48 Quincy Street, Cambridge, MA 02138
GAZETTE CLASSIFICATION	Art/Design, Award Ceremonies, Lecture
ORGANIZATION/SPONSOR	Harvard Graduate School of Design
COST  Free
NOTE  The 11th Veronica Rudge Green Prize in Urban Design honors two projects that demonstrate the potential for the planning and execution of mobility infrastructure to transform a city and its region through carefully articulated design interventions. Established in 1986, the biennial Green Prize recognizes projects that make an exemplary contribution to the public realm of a city, improve the quality of life in that context, and demonstrate a humane and worthwhile direction for the design of urban environments. The award ceremony will be hosted by Rahul Mehrotra on behalf of the jury. The projects will be presented by Eduardo Souto de Moura of Souto Moura Arquitectos with João Velez Carvalho, chairman of the board and CEO, Metro do Porto; and Alejandro Echeverri of Alejandro Echeverri Arquitectos with Margarita María Ángel Bernal of Empresa de Desarollo Urbano, for the Northeastern Urban Integration Project.
LINK	www.gsd.harvard.edu/#/events/veronica-rudge-green-prize-in-urban-design-award-ceremony.html


Hackspace Meetup
Tuesday, September 3, 2013
6:30 PM to 9:30 PM
Lorem Ipsum Books, 1299 Cambridge Street, Cambridge
RSVP at http://www.meetup.com/Cambridge-Hackspace/events/137025862/

We're at the back of the book shop!
This is our weekly hacking night where we get together and make stuff.  Bring your own projects, ideas, and parts, and we'll make some things.
This is an opportunity to work on projects, get(and give) help/advice, and meet like minded people in the area.
Let's hack some stuff!

What we will provide:
Some electronics (including Arduinos), basic tools, soldering iron, plus access to other crafty things (needles, fiber fill, felt).
Some storage space.

What you'll have to bring:
If you already have a specific project in mind that you want to get started on right away, bring all necessary materials.


WONDER WOMEN! The Untold Story of American Superheroines
Tuesday, September 03, 2013
MIT, Building 6-120, 77 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge

Speaker: WGS Professor A. Walsh will lead a Q & A after the film
A film by Kristy Guevara-Flanagan 
WONDER WOMEN! THE UNTOLD STORY OF AMERICAN SUPERHEROINES traces the fascinating evolution and legacy of Wonder Woman. From the birth of the comic book superheroine in the 1940s to the blockbusters of today, WONDER WOMEN! looks at how popular representations of powerful women often reflect society's anxieties about women's liberation. 

WONDER WOMEN! goes behind the scenes with Lynda Carter, Lindsay Wagner, comic writers and artists, and real-life superheroines such as Gloria Steinem, Kathleen Hanna and others, who offer an enlightening and entertaining counterpoint to the male-dominated superhero genre.

Open to: the general public
Sponsor(s): Women's and Gender Studies, Student Activities Office
For more information, contact:
The Friendly WGS Staff
wgs at mit.edu 


Green tech Entrepreneur Forum & Brainstorming
Tuesday, September 3, 2013
7:00 PM to 10:00 PM
Eastern Bank, 647 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge
RSVP at http://www.meetup.com/Boston-Green-Tech-and-Energy/events/136867832/

You can see into the conference room from the street.
The Agenda is:
We will introduce ourselves and tell about our interest, expertise or work (1st hr)
You can give a ~3 to 5 minute elevator speach about your startup if you would like. (We will divide the 1st hour by # of people.)
What stage is your ideas or startup?  What is your goal?
Tell what personnel or additional expertise, funding, etc. you are seeking,
Discussion and Brainstorming on (2nd hr)
ideas for viable moneymaking startups,
methods of collaboration, networking, forming teams & partnerships etc.
marketing, media, social media, ideas that have worked well for publicity
Agencies, websites, companies that assist startups
Boston Greenfest & Gov't opportunities.
What would ou like to see in future meetups?
Seminars - We will have seminars by Sustainable Energy engineers and other tech experts as often as possible.
The bank is near the center of Central Sq., where Prospect and Mass Ave cross, - there is a Starbucks on the Northeast corner of the intersection.  Next to Starbucks is a Flower shop, and next to that is Eastern Bank.  You can see the conference room thru the window, so just wave to us and we will let you in.

Wednesday, September 4

The air quality co-benefits of national US climate change and clean energy policy 
Wednesday, September 4, 2013
12-1pm (lunch will be provided)
MIT, Building E40-298, 1 Amherst Street, Cambridge

Rebecca Saari 
MIT ESS Doctoral Symposia

RSVP at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1adlMn9Z3jOb90S0MvTkgoMXnTrznxpMkLl6LTDEi9-U/viewform


The Social Brain: New Opportunities for Discovery & Technology Development
Wednesday, September 4, 2013
4:00 PM to 6:00 PM (EDT)
MIT, Building 46-3002, Singleton Auditorium, 43 Vassar Street, Cambridge
RSVP at http://scsbworkshop2013.eventbrite.com

The Simons Center for the Social Brain will host a workshop on September 4, 2013 to share ideas and foster discussion around current research and funding opportunities in understanding the social brain and its disorders, including autism.

Mriganka Sur, PhD, Newton Professor of Neuroscience; Director, Simons Center for the Social Brain, MIT
Leonard Rappaport, MD, Chief, Division of Developmental Medicine; Director, Developmental Medicine Center, Boston Children's Hospital; Mary Deming Scott Professor of Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School
Evelina Fedorenko, PhD, Research Scientist, Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences, MIT
Isaac Kohane, MD, PhD, Lawrence J. Henderson Professor of Pediatrics and Health Sciences and Technology, Harvard Medical School
Jorg Scholvin, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow, Synthetic Neurobiology Group, MIT

Panel Discussion on Technologies for Understanding the Brain:
Alan Jasanoff, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Biological Engineering; Associate Member, McGovern Institute for Brain Research; Director, Center for Neurobiological Engineering, MIT
Guoping Feng, PhD, Poitras Professor of Neuroscience, Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences and Investigator, McGovern Institute for Brain Research, MIT
Edward Boyden, PhD, Benesse Career Development Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering, MIT

The panel discussion will be followed by a reception from 6:00-7:00pm in the Atrium outside of Singleton Auditorium.


"Comparing and Contrasting Health and Transportation as Complex Sociotechnical Systems"
Wednesday, September 4
4:15-5:30 p.m. 
MIT, Building E38-615, 292 Main Street, Cambridge

Prof. Joseph Sussman will present.
Light refreshments will be served. 
Contact http://ssrc.mit.edu/

Thursday, September 5

Smart Systems in a Changing Society
Thursday, September 5, 2013
9:00 AM- 4 pm  - 3:00 PM 
swissnex Boston, 420 Broadway, Cambridge

What: This event is designed to be a high-level dialogue between key players in the information technologies, medical applications and smart systems fields. 
Email Felicitas Flohr at felicitas at swissnexboston.org for more information about attending.


The Benefits and Impact of Urban Agriculture and Rooftop Farming in Greater Boston
Thursday, September 5
 Rabb Room, Lincoln Filene Center, Tufts University, 10 Upper Campus Road, Medford

Jessie Banhazl, CEO and Founder of Green City Growers
Jessie Banhazl will present the current impact and scope of urban agriculture in our local community, and why using unused, urban space is important for a sustainable food system. This talk will provide a survey of the current landscape, focusing on rooftop farming, raised-bed intensive growing, and creative uses of space to grow food. 

Jessie Banhazl is the CEO and Founder of Green City Growers. She has a Bachelor’s degree from Smith College in Northampton, MA, and is a Boston-area native. After graduating, she moved to New York City and began a career in reality television production. Disillusioned with the entertainment industry, she moved back to Boston to run GCG, re-awakening her passion for food, farming, and sustainability. Jessie has extensive experience in marketing, communications, management, production and public relations. She is involved in the Local Food movement and is passionate about cooking with fresh ingredients. Since founding the company in 2008, Jessie has lead 
GCG through five successful seasons, building and maintaining over 400 raised-bed vegetable gardens, including a 1/2 acre rooftop farm on top a Whole Foods Market in Lynnfield, MA.

This is an ENVS Lunch & Learn Program Event.
Sponsored by the Environmental Studies Program (ENVS) and Tufts Institute of the Environment
Contact anngreaneywilliams at gmail.com


Design at Large
Thursday, September 5, 2013 
Harvard, Maxwell Dworkin G125, 33 Oxford Street, Cambridge

Scott Klemmer, Associate Professor, UC San Diego and Visiting Associate Professor, Stanford University

Designers in many fields rely on examples for inspiration, and examples play an important role in art and design curricula.  Online media offer a corpus of examples at a scale and diversity never before seen.  Design on the Web is not only large, it's also "at large."  This scale and diversity enable powerful new opportunities for learning, mining, understanding, and assessing design.  My group's research tools harvest and synthesize examples to empower more people to design interactive systems, learners to acquire new skills, experts to be more creative, and programmers to engage in more design thinking.  This research shapes my project-based design teaching, which emphasizes creating diverse alternatives, self-assessment, and using examples to provide design insights and teach abstract principles.

To illustrate these opportunities -- and the technical and social challenges -- of design that is large and at-large -- I'll focus on two recent projects in my group. The first explores peer assessment of design at a global scale.  In 2012, we collaborated with Coursera to launch the first massive-scale class with self and peer assessment.  This enabled online students to engage in open-ended design projects.  It has also worked surprisingly well, and variants have since been used by more than 80 other massive online classes.  The second project, Webzeitgeist, introduces  a scalable platform for Web design mining.  Applications built with this platform can dynamically curate design galleries, search for design alternatives, retarget content between page designs, and predict the semantic role of page elements from design data.  In sharing this work, I'll try to impart some useful strategies and spark discussion on design research at large.

Scott is an Associate Professor of Cognitive Science and Computer Science & Engineering at UC San Diego, and a Visiting Associate Professor of Computer Science at Stanford University.  Before joining UCSD, he was an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Stanford University, where he co-directed the Human-Computer Interaction Group and held the Bredt Faculty Scholar development chair.  Organizations around the world use his lab's open-source design tools and curricula; several books and popular press articles have covered his research and teaching.  He helped introduce peer assessment to open online education, and taught the first peer-assessed online course.  He has been awarded the Katayanagi Emerging Leadership Prize, Sloan Fellowship, NSF CAREER award, and Microsoft Research New Faculty Fellowship.  He has authored and co-authored more than 40 peer-reviewed articles; eight were awarded best paper or honorable mention at the premier HCI conferences (CHI/UIST/CSCW).  His former graduate students are leading professors, researchers, founders, social entrepeneurs, and engineers.  He has a dual BA in Art-Semiotics and Computer Science from Brown University, Graphic Design work at RISD, and an MS and PhD in Computer Science from UC Berkeley.  He serves on the editorial board of TOCHI and HCI, co-chaired the UIST 2011 program, and co-chaired the CHI 2010 systems area.  He has served on the advisory board to academic programs, research labs, and startups passionate about interaction design.

Computer Science Colloquium Series
Email: gioia at seas.harvard.edu


"CO2 and Business"
Thursday, September 5
5 - 7pm
MIT, Building 68-181, 31 Ames Street, Cambridge

Donald Lessard


GSC Sustainability Subcommittee Kickoff Meeting
Thursday, September 05, 2013
MIT, Building 50-220, 142 Memorial Drive, Cambridge

Get involved in sustainability at MIT and pick up a free water bottle to boot! 

For more information check out / or email gsc-sustainability at mit.edu
Web site: http://gsc.mit.edu/committees/hca/sustainability
Open to: the general public
Cost: FREE
Sponsor(s): GSC Meetings
For more information, contact:
Becky Romatoski & Caroline Howe
gsc-sustainability at mit.edu

Thursday, 5 September 2013
Charles River Museum of Industry, 154 Moody Street, Waltham

Gui Cavalcanti, founder of Artisans Asylum in Somerville, and a builder of robots. He appeared on the inaugural season of the series "Big Brain Theory". The topic will be "Stompy", the six-legged robot currently under construction. With an 18 foot span and weighing in at 4000 pounds, this is no tabletop model.

NE Model Engineering Society:  A group for those who enjoy metal working and machining meeting monthly at the 
Charles River Museum of Industry, 154 Moody Street, Waltham, MA 02453 

Friday, September 5

Napalm: An American Biography
Friday, September 6
September 6, 2013
3:00 PM
Harvard Book Store, 1256 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge
This event is free; no tickets are required.

Robert M Neer disccuses his latest book, Napalm: An American Biography.
Napalm, incendiary gel that sticks to skin and burns to the bone, came into the world on Valentine’s Day 1942 at a secret Harvard war research laboratory. On March 9, 1945, it created an inferno that killed over 87,500 people in Tokyo—more than died in the atomic explosions at Hiroshima or Nagasaki. It went on to incinerate sixty-four of Japan’s largest cities. The Bomb got the press, but napalm did the work.

After World War II, the incendiary held the line against communism in Greece and Korea—Napalm Day led the 1950 counter-attack from Inchon—and fought elsewhere under many flags. Americans generally applauded, until the Vietnam War. Today, napalm lives on as a pariah: a symbol of American cruelty and the misguided use of power, according to anti-war protesters in the 1960s and popular culture from Apocalypse Now to the punk band Napalm Death and British street artist Banksy. Its use by Serbia in 1994 and by the United States in Iraq in 2003 drew condemnation. United Nations delegates judged deployment against concentrations of civilians a war crime in 1980. After thirty-one years, America joined the global consensus, in 2011.

(617) 661-1515
info at harvard.com 


Great Boston Permaculture Guild Book/Movie Discussion Group
Friday, September 6, 2013
7:00 PM
Hutchings Homestead, 30 Hutchings Street, Boston
RSVP at http://www.meetup.com/Boston-Permaculture/events/136148882/

 Hopefully we can make this a monthly event! For this month, we choose a movie: "Tales from the Green Valley". It takes place on a re-created 1620 farm on the Welsh border. It follows a group of experts through a calendar year. Some real interesting solutions to small scale, non-mechanized farming. 

This idea for a book/movie group was just suggested over on the Northshore group, and Jeff had the good sense to mention it for our group. As a bonus, you can meet our chickens and our bees, and we will have some tasty stove-popped popcorn. Feel free to bring your beverage of choice!

If we are lucky, there will be a follow up meetup of scythe preparation and use by Paul!


Honey Party
Friday, September 6, 2013
7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Relish: Center for Urban Agriculture, Sanborn Court, Union Square, Somerville, MA
RSVP at http://honeyparty-es2.eventbrite.com/

Kick off our Extractor Extravaganza Week!
Join us Friday evening, September 6th, to celebrate bees, honey, and community with fun people, tasty drinks, and good times.
Relish and Follow the Honey have partnered for a really sweet week. Starting Saturday, September 7th the Follow the Honey bicycled powered extractor will be in Relish all week, available for rental by area beekeepers.  
Friday night we'll get it all started with a Honey Party.  
Hang out under the twinkling evening lights of Relish and enjoy mead from Green River Ambrosia and homemade honey cocktails.
Chat with local honey lovers, beekeepers, and friends of Relish and Follow the Honey.
Also check out the extractor and taste different honeys from Follow the Honey!  

Saturday, September 7

Sustainable Middlesex Meeting
Saturday, 07 September, 2013
09:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Cary Library, 1874 Massachusetts Avenue, Lexington

Meeting of town-level sustainability and climate groups based in Middlesex county.
For more information contact Kay Tiffany at ktiffany at rcn.com, or John Kolterman at john.kolterman at gmail.com


MIT Global Founders' Skills Accelerator Demo Day
Saturday, September 7th
Presentations from 1pm - 4pm 
with a reception to follow from 4pm - 5pm
MIT, Walker Memorial, 142 Memorial Drive, Cambridge
RSVP at http://mitdemoday13-es2.eventbrite.com
Since summer began, student startup teams from MIT and around the world have been working hard at the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship. Our teams have undergone three months of intense advisor-driven learning, taking their ventures through the steps of Disciplined Entrepreneurship, and are now ready to launch on stage at Demo Day. 

These student teams span a range of industries, from groundbreaking educational technology and consumer healthcare companies to revolutionary software and hardware in the B2C and B2B areas. Previous teams that have gone through our rigorous educational programming have gone on to secure grant funding, raise venture capital, begin selling products and participate in top tier accelerators.

Register to join us Saturday, September 7th, from 1pm to 4pm at Walker Memorial, building 50, on the campus of MIT as we proudly showcase the work of some of the best and brightest student entrepreneurs from MIT and around the world. Stick around for the reception following the conclusion of Demo Day to speak with the founders as we celebrate entrepreneurship at MIT and kick off t=0.

Sunday, September 8

Crowdfunding Meet Up with Guest Speaker David Laituri
Sunday, September 8, 2013
3:00 PM
Cornerstone Cohousing, 175 Harvey Street, Cambridge
RSVP at http://www.meetup.com/Kickstarter-Indiegogo-Crowdfunding-Social-Entrepreneurs/events/129092042/

Two Successful Crowdfunding Journeys:

David Laituri raised over $200,000 in Kickstarter in the past year.

Please come and learn how crowdfunding works!

Monday, September 9

Systems Dynamics-Based Strategies for Introducing Alternative Fuel Vehicles in India
Monday, September 9, 2013
Webinar registration at https://mit.webex.com/mit/j.php?ED=231156082&RG=1&UID=0&RT=MiMxMQ%3D%3D

Abhijith Neerkaje, program manager, SanDisk, and SDM alumnus
Sergey Naumov, PhD student, MIT Sloan School of Management, and SDM alumnus
MIT SDM Systems Thinking Webinar Series

More information at http://sdm.mit.edu/news/news_articles/webinar_090913/neerkaje-webinar-alternative-fuel-india.html


"The Anthropologist and the Conspiracy Theory: Suspicion and Research after Bhopal"
Monday, September 9, 2013 
12:15pm - 2:00pm
Harvard, Maxwell Dworkin, Room 119, 33 Oxford Street, Cambridge

Bridget Hanna (Harvard, Anthropology) 

STS Circle at Harvard Lecture
Contact Name:  Shana Rabinowich
sts at hks.harvard.edu
Sandwich lunches are provided. Please RSVP to sts at hks.harvard.edu by Wednesday at 5PM the week before.


Berkman Center Fall 2013 Open House
WHEN  Mon., Sep. 9, 2013, 4 p.m.
WHERE  Harvard Law School, Wasserstein Hall, Milstein West Rooms (2nd Floor)
GAZETTE CLASSIFICATION	Education, Information Technology, Law, Social Sciences, Special Events, Support/Social
ORGANIZATION/SPONSOR	Berkman Center for Internet & Society
COST  Free and open to the public
CONTACT INFO	ashar at cyber.law.harvard.edu
NOTE  Come to the Berkman Center for Internet & Society’s Fall 2013 Open House to meet our faculty, fellows, and staff, and to learn about the many ways you can get involved in our dynamic, exciting environment.
4-6p.m. - Talk and Tinker Session: Select Berkman projects will be present with information about their projects' current activities. Staff working with each of these projects are eager to share information about the big research questions they are considering, meet potential future collaborators, and solicit ideas. In addition to the project tabling, there will be space and opportunity to connect with other Berkman community members and open house participants. You may come for any portion of time during this session.
7p.m. - Reception: Keep the conversations going with the help of light snacks and drinks!
People from all disciplines, universities, organizations, and backgrounds are encouraged to attend the open house. We look forward to seeing you there!
LINK	http://cyber.law.harvard.edu/events/2013/09/openhouse


"Riptide: Digital Disruption of the News Business." 
Monday, September 9
6 p.m.
Harvard, John F. Kennedy Jr. Forum, 79 JFK Street, Cambridge

A panel discussion with Tim Armstrong, AOL; Caroline Little, Newspaper Association of America; Arthur Sulzberger Jr., The New York Times. Moderated by former Shorenstein Center Fellows John Huey, Martin Nisenholtz and Paul Sagan.


Monday, September 9
6 to 7:30pm
Water Purification Facility front door, 250 Fresh Pond Parkway, Cambridge

Come learn where your tap water originates, how it is purified to make it safe and tasty for drinking and cooking, and the role Fresh Pond plays in the process. Members of the Cambridge Water Department staff will describe the process, answer your questions, and give a tour of the building.

Please register with Elizabeth Wylde at friendsoffreshpond at yahoo.com or call (617) 349-6489 and leave your name and phone number.


"Science and Cooking"
Monday, September 9, 2013
7 p.m.
Harvard, Science Center Hall C, 1 Oxford Street, Cambridge

Dave Arnold, Cooking Issues
Harold McGee, Curious Cook

Members of the public are invited to attend a series of lectures by world-class chefs and food experts, inspired by the Harvard College General Education course "Science and Cooking: From Haute Cuisine to the Science of Soft Matter." The lectures, while related, are not a replication of the course content.
All talks will take place in the Harvard Science Center (One Oxford Street, Cambridge, MA, Hall C and overflow Hall E)
All talks will begin at 7:00 pm (unless otherwise noted).
Each talk will begin with a 15 minute lecture by a Faculty member of the course, which will discuss one of the scientific topics from that week's class.
Seating for all lectures (except the ticketed lecture with Ferran Adrià on December 2nd) is first come, first seated.

Questions regarding the public lecture series: candujar at seas.harvard.edu


Networking for Food Entrepreneurs
Monday, September 9, 2013
7:00 PM to 9:45 PM
Grafton Street Pub & Grill, 1230 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge
RSVP at http://www.meetup.com/FoodBizNetwork/events/136951932/

We reserved space in the bar area by the windows. You can't miss us!
Summer's coming to an end. It's time to get back to work!

Join a diverse group of entrepreneurs in the food business for a networking event! We have held a number of these already with great success. It's great to see how many business and personal relationships have resulted from these events.

Hope to see you there!


The biomechanics of insect flight
September 9
The Burren, 247 Elm Street, Davis Square, Somerville

Dr. Stacey Combes: 
Science by the Pint, a chance to interact directly with research scientists. Dr. Pauli will give a brief intro to her work, and take a few questions before mingling from table to table with other members of her group to chat with you.


Tuesday, September 10

Rally to Make MA the First State to Divest from Fossil Fuels!
Tuesday, September 10th
State House, 24 Beacon Street, Boston

What's better than a huge divestment rally? A huge divestment rally in front of the State House for a bill that has a real chance of making Massachusetts the first state to divest from fossil fuels!

RSVP on Facebook NOW and invite your friends: https://www.facebook.com/events/221918627960411/

WHAT: Rally and Hearing for MA State Divestment bill S. 1225!

Senate bill S. 1225, from State Senator Downing, has its first hearing in the Joint Committee for Public Service on Tuesday, September 10th. We're gathering at 9:30am for musical performances, chants, and inspiring speakers. Make sure to bring banners and wear clothing proclaiming: "As a member of my community, school, union, or faith group, I want MA to divest from fossil fuels and take bold action on climate!"

We've seen what happens when Massachusetts boldly leads: what was thought politically impossible can quickly becomes a reality across the country. That's what we need to do again and even quicker. This bill needs to pass quickly through two committees and the Senate, to have a chance of passing in the House and becoming law during this legislative session.

And to pass quickly we need to make sure legislators see this is a bill, and a climate movement, with broad, passionate public support.
P.S. If you haven't already signed the Go Fossil Free petition to make Massachusetts the first state to divest from fossil fuels please sign now and share with friends: we're already almost to 2,000 signatures. So help push us over the edge!http://campaigns.gofossilfree.org/petitions/divest-the-state-of-massachusetts-pension-funds/

Event Contact Info
Darcy DuMont
Email:  dumont140 at yahoo.com 
Phone: 413 210 2201 
Website: https://www.facebook.com/events/221918627960411/


Innovate: Salmaan Craig
WHEN  Tue., Sep. 10, 2013, 12 – 2 p.m.
WHERE  Stubbins (Room 112), Gund Hall, 48 Quincy Street, Cambridge, MA
ORGANIZATION/SPONSOR	Harvard Graduate School of Design
SPEAKER(S)  Salmaan Craig EngD; Foster + Partners, London
COST  Free and open to the public
NOTE  Innovation occurs on multiple scales, frequently crosses disciplines, and occasionally changes lives, cities, and culture. It is not a science, but requires design skills and must be informed by an eye for opportunity. "Innovate," a noontime talk series, features 20-minute presentations followed by discussions with faculty and students. Organized by Iñaki Abalos, Chair of the Department of Architecture.
LINK	www.gsd.harvard.edu/#/events/innovate-salmaan-craig.html


Bee Day at Harvard
Special Event
Participate in a day of events and activities highlighting the importance of honey bees and beekeeping to biodiversity, the food supply, and human health. Learn more about the alarming decline of beehives (colony collapse disorder) widely documented in the U.S. and Europe.

Event Schedule
1:00–2:00 pm: The Plaza (in front of the Science Center)
Enjoy organic honey tasting at the Harvard Farmers’ Market.

4:00 pm

Take a tour of the beehives on Harvard’s campus, led by Harvard Undergraduate Beekeepers. Preregistration required; please visit the HMSC website for more information: www.hmsc.harvard.edu.

7:00 pm: Science Center, Hall C
Film screening of More Than Honey, followed by a discussion with Dr. Alex Lu, Associate Professor of Environmental Exposure Biology, Harvard School of Public Health, about current research on the link between colony collapse disorder and the use of agricultural pesticides.

Jointly sponsored by the Harvard Museum of Natural History, Harvard Undergraduate Beekeepers, the Harvard Farmers’ Market, the Food Literacy Project, and the Cambridge Entomological Club.

All activities and events are free and open to the public. The Plaza and the Science Center, 1 Oxford Street. Free event parking is available at the 52 Oxford Street Garage.


Weld Hill: Science and Sustainability
Tuesday, September 10
Arnold Arboretum, Weld Hill Research Building, Arborway, Jamaica Plain
RSVP at https://my.arboretum.harvard.edu/SelectDate.aspx

Julie Warsowe, Manager of Visitor Education
Take a guided tour of the state-of-the-art Weld Hill Science and Administration Building. Learn about some of the cutting edge plant research and explore the “green” building design. 

tel: 617-524-1718 


Wind Technology Testing Center Tour with Young Professionals in Energy
Tuesday, September 10, 2013
3:00 PM to 4:30 PM (EDT)
Wind Technology Testing Center, 80 Terminal Street, Charlestown
RSVP at http://ypebostonwttctour-es2.eventbrite.com

Come take a tour of the Wind Technology Testing Center, operated by the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center. Upon opening in 2011, it was the first and only facility in the United States capable of testing large-scale wind turbine blades up to 90 meters in length. Wind turbine blade testing is a critical factor in maintaining high levels of reliability and evaluating the latest technological developments in airfoils and materials. The WTTC offers a full suite of certification tests for turbine blades. WTTC also offers the latest wind turbine blade testing and prototype development methodologies, research and development partnerships, and blade repair capabilities to help the wind industry deploy the next generation of land-based and offshore wind turbine technologies.

Details:Everyone need to bring a valid photo ID and a bring a signed copy of the safety sheet. It can be found at the following link:
Have questions about Wind Technology Testing Center Tour with YPE? Contact Young Professionals in Energy (Boston Section) at http://www.ypenergy.org/ypeboston/


Mass Innovation Nights
Tuesday, September 10, 2013
6:00 PM to 8:30 PM (EDT)
45 Prospect Street, Cambridge
RSVP at http://massinno54-es2.eventbrite.com/

Every month 10 companies bring new products to the event and the social media community turns out to blog, tweet, post pictures/video, add product mentions to LinkedIn and Facebook, and otherwise help spread the word. This event will feature 10 new products! In the last two years, the events have helped to:
Launch more than 500 products
Connect dozens of job seekers and hiring managers
Profile dozens of local experts
Launch a wave of Innovation Nights around the world (coming soon)

Held once a month (usually the second Wednesday of the month) registration and networking at 6:00 p.m., presentations start showing at 7:00 p.m., the live events allow companies to show off Massachusetts-based innovation. The Experts Corner team has one-on-one conversations with start-ups and entrepreneurs. Innovation Nights are held on site at various venues who donate their space to further the cause of local innovation.



"The Phoenix" Burns Out: Remembering a Boston Institution
Thursday, September 12, 2013
MIT, Building E14-633, 75 Amherst Street, Cambridge

Speaker: Carly Carioli, Anita Diamant, Lloyd Schwartz
A generation of great journalists cut their teeth at alt-weeklies, and "The Boston Phoenix" produced some of the best of them. When the Phoenix announced it was closing last March, the city lost a powerful cultural force and a vibrant source of information. We'll discuss the Phoenix's legacy and the ways in which its loss will affect Boston. Speakers include author and essayist Anita Diamant, who started out answering the editor's phone in the mid-1970s; poet and classical music critic Lloyd Schwartz, who won a Pulitzer Prize with the Phoenix; and Carly Carioli, who started as an intern and rose to become the paper's editor. Seth Mnookin, associate director of the Communications Forum, will moderate.

Web site: http://web.mit.edu/comm-forum
Open to: the general public
Cost: Free
Sponsor(s): Communications Forum, CMS
For more information, contact:
comm-forum-www at mit.edu 


"Energy Politics"
September 12, 2013 
5:00pm - 7:00pm
MIT, Building 68-181, 31 Ames Street, Cambridge

Presenter Eric Toone
Open CO2 Seminar Series
 complete series will feature different aspects of CO2 from 5 different research perspectives: 1) CO2 chemistry and the global carbon cycle; 2) Co2 in biological systems; 3) CO2 in the atmosphere; 4) CO2 in the oceans; 5) CO2 and its impact on politics and economics.



Socializing for Justice Seventh Anniversary Party
Spetember 12
903 Boylston St, Boston
RSVP at  http://www.meetup.com/sojust-tm/events/129823642/
Sliding scale from $5 to $20 cash at the door

On September 12th from 6-9PM, Socializing for Justice will be hosting it's largest event of the year, Connecting for Justice (@SoJust Open House), at Lir on Boylston. This event draws 120+ progressives of all stripes and is a great way to get connected to SoJust's cross-issue progressive community. This is a welcoming space where all attendees, diverse by age, race, gender, sexual orientation, newness to Boston, and experience with activism, come together to ?put the SOCIAL back in social justice!?
Newcomers and longtime members will celebrate the remarkable success of this member-driven, volunteer-run grassroots group.  Since 2006, SoJust has grown to 2300 members and hosted over 160 events.

Contact www.SoJust.org


Discussion on Rooftop Farming!
Thursday, September 12
6:30 pm- 8:00 pm
BNAN Offices, 62 Summer Street, Downtown Boston
(Accessible by T on the Orange, Green, and Red line)

The Rooftop Farming Panel will bring together pioneers of rooftop farming in Boston to discuss refreshing, new ways of growing food in the city. Using a wide variety of innovative practices, the five panelists will offer insight on how to begin, sustain, and grow through rooftop farming. Come out to ask questions and learn about rooftop farming in Boston!

Special guests include:
Mark Winterer- Recover Green Roofs
Jason Price- Green City Growers
Courtney Hennessey- Higher Ground Farms
John Stoddard- Higher Ground Farms
Sandra Fairbank- Fairbank Design
Casey Townsend (moderator)- BNAN

The event is FREE and open to all! To register, please contact Dana at
dana at bostonnatural.org


Urban Films: Hands Over the City (1963)
Thursday, September 12, 2013
MIT, Building 3-133, 33 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge

Urban Planning Film Series 
A mostly-weekly series showing documentary and feature films on topics related to cities, urbanism, design, community development, ecology, and other planning issues. Free.

Rod Steiger stars as a scheming land developer in this blistering work of social realism from 1963. An expos?? of the politically driven real-estate speculation that devastated Naples's civilian landscape, the film moves breathlessly from a cataclysmic building collapse to the backroom negotiations of civic leaders vying for power in a city council election, laying bare the inner workings of corruption with passion and outrage. Directed by Francesco Rosi. Winner of the Golden Lion, Venice Film Festival. 105 minutes; Italian with English subtitles.

Web site: urbanfilm.org
Open to: the general public
Sponsor(s): Department of Urban Studies and Planning
For more information, contact:
Ezra Glenn
eglenn at mit.edu 

Friday, September 13

TEDxCambridge 2013
September 13, 2013 
$20 to $35

TEDxCambridge is returning to Kendall Square and features a new TEDx evening event format and audience experience with an emphasis on celebrating the world-class innovation within Cambridge and the impact it is having globally. 
See more at: http://www.tedxcambridge.com/events/


Black Carbon: Bounding and Beyond
Friday, September 13, 2013 
12:00pm to 1:00pm
Harvard, Pierce 100F, 29 Oxford Street, Cambridge

Tami Bond, Associate Professor, Dept of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Environmental Science and Engineering Seminars
Email: djacob at fas.harvard.edu


 Friday, September 13, 6:30pm to Sunday, September 15, 4pm
Hack/Reduce, 275 Third Street, Cambridge
RSVP at http://pakathon.eventbrite.com

Everyone has an idea that could positively impact Pakistan.  What's yours? Join professionals, engineers and students from the Boston area as we design and implement technology projects with positive social impact.  Open to Pakistanis and non-Pakistanis alike.
Seed Funding: $10,000

Please register ONLY if you will be able to attend the Boston event in person. For LUMS and NUST students please email Dr. Sohaib Khan at sohaib at lums.edu.pk and Mr. Akhtar Qureshi at gmnust at gmail.com

 A 3-day (40 hour) hackathon-style event aimed at creatively harnessing technology to address problems in the following fields (and beyond):
 1) Security
 2) Education
 3) Agriculture
 4) Energy
 5) Disaster Relief
 6) Health
A Hackathon ordinarily refers to an event where hackers and engineers build a software, website or application over the course of a weekend. We are are expanding this definition and turning it on its head; the #Pakathon will yield tangible solutions to real-life problems faced by individuals, governmental bodies and non-profit organizations in Pakistan.

 Step 1: Register for the event above
 Step 2: Attend the first session on Friday evening (September 13th, 6:30pm) to hear from our mentors about gaps in the field and brainstorm solutions
 Step 3: Form teams based on common interests (at the event or here: http://www.hackathon.io/pakathon/projects)
 Step 4: Come back the next day to refine your ideas with the help of mentors and get to work!! Design, research, program, hack, refine, rinse and repeat!
 Step 5: On Sunday, present your idea to a panel of judges and receive feedback, plus the chance to win $5000 in seed funding and continued mentorship to implement your idea
 Step 6: Walk away with a warm fuzzy feeling; you pushed your skills to the limit, met fantastic people, and learned how to take actionable steps to make positive change. You are now equipped to change the world!

 Refer to Step 6 above.

Techies and non-techies wanting to do something positive for Pakistan**. 
 We are looking for anyone who wants to build something tangible (a website, app, software, product, campaign, you-tell-us!). We welcome a diversity of ideas and disciplines. We want artists to meet engineers, activists to meet developers, doctors to meet programmers. Serendipity breeds creativity.
 Language or platform are not a limitation.
** Open to Pakistanis and non-Pakistanis.

For details about the schedule and other info: pakathon.org


Live Webcast: Why We Overeat: The Toxic Food Environment and Obesity
WHEN  Fri., Sep. 13, 2013, 12:30 – 1:30 p.m.
WHERE  www.forumhsph.org
GAZETTE CLASSIFICATION	Health Sciences, Lecture, Science
ORGANIZATION/SPONSOR	The Forum at Harvard School of Public Health
SPEAKER(S)  Walter Willett, chair, Department of Nutrition, Harvard School of Public Health; Dariush Mozaffarian, associate professor of medicine, Harvard Medical School; David Kessler, former commissioner of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and professor, Department of Pediatrics, University of California San Francisco
CONTACT INFO	theforum at hsph.harvard.edu
NOTE  E-mail questions for the expert participants any time before or during the live webcast totheforum at hsph.harvard.edu.
LINK	www.forumhsph.org


Second Fridays at the MIT Museum: The Thread That Binds Us
Friday, September 13, 2013
MIT, Building N51, MIT Museum, 275 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge

Second Fridays 
Jump-start your weekend with the MIT Museum.

View the recently completed Mending Boston collage, on display at the MIT Museum through October, and meet Clara Wainwright, the Cambridge artist behind the project. Then, take part in a community quilting project! Bring an emblem of your family, research lab, living group, company, or other community and integrate it into a quilt patch. We'll provide conductive thread, fabric, puffy paints and more, should you need materials to help decorate your piece of the larger project. Leave your piece with us and come back in April to see the finished collaborative community quilt. 
Free with Museum admission.

Web site: http://web.mit.edu/museum/programs/calendar.html
Open to: the general public
Cost: Free with Museum admission
Sponsor(s): MIT Museum
For more information, contact:
Josie Patterson
museuminfo at mit.edu 


Architecture Lecture: Tatiana Bilbao, "Underconstruction," 
Friday, September 13, 2013
5:30 pm
MIT, Building 7-429, 77 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge

Speaker: Tatiana Bilbao, Architect, Tatiana Bilbao SC, Mexico DF, Mexico

Open to: the general public
Cost: Free
Sponsor(s): Department of Architecture
For more information, contact:


Fifty Years Bread and Puppet: Cheap Art and Political Theater
A Symposium with Performance
Saturday, September 14, 2013 
RSVP at https://commerce.cashnet.com/cashnetc/selfserve/EditItem.aspx?PC=ASSC-TH1&ItemCount=1

Boston College Theatre Department presents a day-long celebration of the Bread and Puppet Theater and their five decades of changing the world one puppet and one performance at a time.

Events include panel discussions, scholarly presentations, archival film screening, a Bread and Puppet performance of The 50 Years Cabaret, and a fiddle lecture
and public interview with founder Peter Schumann.

Registration for this special event is required.  Only those who register are guaranteed a seat for the evening performance of The 50 Years Cabaret.

Editorial Comment:  $25 is indeed cheap for such an opportunity.


Askwith Forum: The Civil Rights Movement for a New Generation and Sneak Preview of Walden Media film, The Watsons Go to Birmingham
WHEN  Mon., Sep. 16, 2013, 5 – 8 p.m.
WHERE  13 Appian Way, Cambridge
CONTACT NAME  Amber DiNatale
CONTACT EMAIL  askwith_forums at gse.harvard.edu
CONTACT PHONE  617-384-9968
ADMISSION FEE	This event is free and open to the public.
GAZETTE CLASSIFICATION	Education, Film, Special Events
NOTE  Moderator: Joe Blatt, senior lecturer, HGSE
Discussants:  Tomiko Brown-Nagin, Professor of Law, Harvard Law School; Professor of History, Harvard Graduate School of Arts & Sciences
Tonya Lewis Lee, children’s book author and screenwriter; co-producer, film:The Watsons Go to Birmingham 
Robert L. Selman, Roy E. Larsen Professor of Education and Human Development, HGSE
Randy Testa, Ed.M.’79, Ed.D.’90, vice president, Education and Professional Development, Walden Media, LLC

Fifty years ago, the March on Washington and the church bombing in Birmingham launched the modern civil rights movement.  How can we bring this history alive for today’s students?  Our panel will tackle this challenge, bookending a sneak preview of The Watsons Go to Birmingham, a film based on the novel of the same name by Christopher Paul Curtis.  The film, created by Tonya Lewis Lee and Nikki Silver, and directed by Kenny Leon, is set in 1963 and is told through the eyes of a rebellious 12 year-old.  Kenny’s family – his parents, nerdy younger brother, and angelic little sister – leave Flint, Michigan, to visit their grandmother in Birmingham, Alabama. It’s a road trip that will change their lives forever – in a year that helped to change a nation.


Brian Ruttenberg: Probabilistic Programming and the Democratization of AI
Monday, September 16, 2013
6:00 PM
hack/reduce, 275 Third Street, Cambridge (@ the old Kendall Boiler and Tank Building)
RSVP at http://www.meetup.com/intelligence/events/128824012/

Probabilistic models form the foundation of modern Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. However, building and reasoning on models that represent large and complex scenarios is a daunting task for even the most expert and experienced programmers. As a result, there has been significant effort lately on the development of probabilistic programming languages, which allow probabilistic processes, models and algorithms to be specified using familiar programming language constructs. These languages are democratizing the AI field, enabling users  with little ML and AI experience to easily construct and perform inference on large and complex probabilistic models.

In this talk, Brian will discuss the motivation for the advent of probabilistic programming languages, detail some of the major problems they are trying to solve, and will throw in a little theory for good measure. He will present many examples of the power of these new languages using Figaro, a free, open-source (BSD license), probabilistic programming language.

Bio: Brian Ruttenberg is a scientist at Charles River Analytics. His primary area of expertise is machine learning, data mining and probabilistic modeling. His current area of research focuses on exploring new representations and inference mechanisms in probabilistic programming languages, and applications of probabilistic programming to new fields such as cyber security and malware analysis. Prior to joining Charles River Analytics, he designed graphics and memory systems for Intel and Qualcomm Corporations. Dr. Ruttenberg holds a B.S.E. in computer engineering from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor and a Ph.D. in computer science from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Join NEAI for presentations and conversations about topics in artificial intelligence followed by study groups and networking. Share your projects, ask for help, help each other, and collaborate/commiserate over pizza and beer.


"Sous vide: savory and pastry applications"
Monday, September 16, 2013
7 p.m.
Harvard, Science Center Hall C, 1 Oxford Street, Cambridge

Jordi Roca, El Celler de Can Roca

Members of the public are invited to attend a series of lectures by world-class chefs and food experts, inspired by the Harvard College General Education course "Science and Cooking: From Haute Cuisine to the Science of Soft Matter." The lectures, while related, are not a replication of the course content.
All talks will take place in the Harvard Science Center (One Oxford Street, Cambridge, MA, Hall C and overflow Hall E)
All talks will begin at 7:00 pm (unless otherwise noted).
Each talk will begin with a 15 minute lecture by a Faculty member of the course, which will discuss one of the scientific topics from that week's class.
Seating for all lectures (except the ticketed lecture with Ferran Adrià on December 2nd) is first come, first seated.

Questions regarding the public lecture series: candujar at seas.harvard.edu


Oil and Honey: Notes from a Rapidly Changing Climate
Tuesday, September 17, 2013 
Sanders Theater, Memorial Hall, 1785 Cambridge Street, Cambridge

Bill McKibben, Educator, Environmentalist, Author of Eaarth and The End of Nature

Admission is open to the public, but tickets must be obtained from the Harvard Box Office. Tickets available starting Tuesday, September 3, at noon. Ticket limit of four per person. Tickets valid until 3:45 pm. Available by phone and online for a fee. See www.boxoffice.harvard.edufor more information.

Bill McKibben is the author of a dozen books about the environment, beginning with The End of Nature in 1989, which is regarded as the first book for a general audience on climate change. He is a founder of the grassroots climate campaign 350.org, which has coordinated 15,000 rallies in 189 countries since 2009. Time Magazine called him “the planet’s best green journalist” and the Boston Globe said in 2010 that he was “probably the country’s most important environmentalist.” Schumann Distinguished Scholar at Middlebury College, he holds honorary degrees from a dozen colleges, including the Universities of Massachusetts and Maine, the State University of New York, and Whittier and Colgate Colleges. In 2011, he was elected a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Bill grew up in suburban Lexington, Massachusetts. He was president of the Harvard Crimsonnewspaper in college. Immediately after college he joined The New Yorker magazine as a staff writer, and wrote much of the “Talk of the Town” column from 1982 to early 1987. He quit the magazine when its longtime editor William Shawn was forced out of his job, and soon moved to the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York. He is a frequent contributor to various magazines including The New York Times, The Atlantic Monthly, Harper's, Orion Magazine, Mother Jones, The New York Review of Books, Granta, Rolling Stone, and Outside.


Presidential Leadership and the Creation of the American Era
September 18, 2013 
First Parish in Cambridge, 3 Church Street (Harvard Square)

Joseph Nye of the Harvard Kennedy School examines the foreign policies of 20th century American presidents and assesses the effectiveness and ethics of their choices. He identifies two main types of presidential temperaments – transformational and transactional– and argues that both types were important in the development of the nation’s international power.  What lessons from the American Century can we take into the unstable international arena of the early 21st century?

Cambridge Forum


HACKFit Boston 
Sept 20-22
Spots are limited, register at http://hackfitboston2013.eventbrite.com/.

Love activity tracking and interested in working on startup concepts relating to the Withings Pulse, BodyMedia FIT, or RunKeeper app? Interested in connecting with hundreds of fun startup enthusiasts with a passion for fitness, sport, and activity? Looking for an action-packed weekend combining startup challenges with climbing, crossfit, and yoga?

Get ready for the first EVER startup-event with activity challenges, exercise classes, and expert mentorship from angels, VCs, and serial entrepreneurs. Register NOW for HACKFit Boston on Sept 20-22nd, and become a Legendary Startup Warrior.

Learn more at www.hack-fit.com.


The New England Electricity Restructuring Roundtable Presents: Modernizing the Electric Grid in New England
September 20, 2013
9 am to 12:30 pm
Foley Hoag LLP, 155 Seaport Boulevard, 13th Floor, Boston

In October of 2012, the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities issued a notice of inquiry (NOI) on electric grid modernization that sought to develop a vision for a modern grid in Massachusetts and a road-map to get there. The NOI launched a stakeholder process charged with exploring both grid-facing and customer-facing issues, as well as developing recommendations for the DPU. 

On July 2, 2013, the MA Grid Modernization Steering Committee, comprised of the four investor-owned utilities and representatives from over 20 diverse stakeholder groups, filed a 141 page Final Report with the DPU. The Report includes 1) goals, opportunities, and barriers; 2) a clear taxonomy of a modernized grid including outcomes and enablers; 3) a snap-shot of utilities' current systems and technologies; 4) a joint fact- finding summary of advanced metering functionality and cost, as well as time-varying rates; and 5) extensive recommendations on a wide range of grid modernization issues, including the appropriate regulatory and cost-effectiveness frameworks to foster grid modernization.

Join us at our 136th Roundtable as we discuss the Report and the DPU's plans for adopting and implementing an appropriate grid modernization regulatory framework. The panel will be anchored by MA DPU Chair Ann Berwick, who will discuss the DPU's vision and its next steps. She will be joined by representatives from the MA Grid Mod Steering Committee who will discuss the findings and recommendations of the report, including those where consensus was reached and those where two or more options were delivered to the DPU:

Jamie Tosches, Assistant Attorney General, MA AGO 
Peter  Zschokke, Director, Regulatory Strategy, National Grid 
Camilo Serna, VP Corporate Strategy, Northeast Utilities 
Janet Besser, VP Policy and Govt. Affairs, NE Clean Energy Council

To provide additional perspective on grid modernization, we have invitedCommissioner Kelly Speakes-Backman, Maryland Public Service Commission, to kick-off the Roundtable by discussing Maryland's efforts to modernize its grid. Maryland utilities are currently involved in the widespread deployment of advanced metering infrastructure and a peak-time rebate program, among other grid modernization activities. Commissioner Speakes-Backman, who has been actively involved in Maryland's grid modernization efforts, also serves on RGGI and was previously the Clean Energy Director at the Maryland Energy Administration.

Free and open to the public with no advanced registration!!


Energy Upgrade Work Party
Roxbury Presbyterian 
Saturday, September 21st
328 Warren Street, Roxbury

Roxbury Presbyterian Church is a historic Presbyterian church. The gorgeous Gothic church building was constructed in 1891 by John C. Spofford and William Swanson. The warm and caring congregation is led by the well-known Rev. Liz Walker.  This event's tasks will include installing efficient light bulbs and water aerators, weatherizing doors, windows and attic hatches, repainting mortar and fixing computer system preferences. This is a rescheduled event.

Please sign up here: (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dGVSZURVV0MtU1E2cHhkTmxVMmtFb2c6MA#gid=0). 


8th Annual Harvest Festival & Perennial Divide
Saturday, September 21st
10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
City Natives, 30 Edgewater Drive, Mattapan

Each year the Boston Natural Areas Network invites our friends and community
partners to table at the Festival which includes…
The Perennial Divide, Boston’s largest plant swap
Family games and cider pressing
Workshops on urban beekeeping and vermaculture (worm composting)
Shopping for hard-to-find native plants, pumpkin compost and City Natives
Community organizations sharing information about gardening and green space
offerings across the city

With several hundred gardeners in attendance, this is a wonderful opportunity to spread the word about your organization and what you have to offer. We're inviting community partners to table at the event and encourage participatory activities or demonstrations to draw a crowd! We ask everyone to arrive by 9:30 am, provide their own table, and stay with their table for the duration of the event. Chairs and canopies will be provided.

Want to table at the Festival? Please RSVP by September 14. Space is limited and tabling organizations will be accepted on a first-come first-served basis.
To RSVP or ask questions, email dana at bostonnatural.org or call 617-542-7696.


"Making Democracy in the Patent System: Comparing the Life Form Patent Battles in the US and Europe"
Monday, September 23, 2013 
12:15pm - 2:00pm
Harvard, Maxwell Dworkin, Room 119, 33 Oxford Street, Cambridge

Shobita Parthasarathy (University of Michigan, Ford School) 

STS Circle at Harvard Lecture
Contact Name:  Shana Rabinowich
sts at hks.harvard.edu
Sandwich lunches are provided. Please RSVP to sts at hks.harvard.edu by Wednesday at 5PM the week before.


“The Impact of Environmental Regulation on U.S. Oil Refineries.”
Wednesday, September 25, 2013 
4:10pm - 5:30pm
Harvard, Room L-382, 79 John F. Kennedy Street, Cambridge

Richard Sweeney, Harvard University

Seminar in Environmental Economics and Policy
Contact Name:  Jason Chapman
Jason_Chapman at harvard.edu
For further information, contact Professor Stavins at the Kennedy School (617-495-1820), Professor Weitzman at the Department of Economics (617-495-5133), or the course assistant, Jason Chapman (617-496-8054), or visit the seminar web site.


Wednesday, September 25
6:30 pm - 9:00 pm
Microsoft New England R&D Center, One Memorial Drive, Cambridge
RSVP at http://futureenergyboston.eventbrite.com

Future Energy, an Ultra Light Startups brand sponsored by Shell GameChanger, is a series of events that connects entrepreneurs, researchers, and private investors in the energy and clean-tech industries to develop and commercialize radical solutions to the world’s energy challenges.
At each Future Energy event, 8 startups present to a panel of energy and cleantech venture capital investors for feedback, advice, and networking. The audience votes on the best presenters who win prizes and media attention to help launch their business.
Audience: Entrepreneurs, Investors, Media. Service Providers, Open to all
Twitter: @crisdeluca #ulsboston

Applications to pitch can be submitted at http://ultralightstartups.com/future-energy/application-form/

Register using the promocode MSNERD for 50% off registration ticket


Energy Upgrade Work Party
Second Church of the Nazarene, Dorchester
Saturday, September 28th
44 Moultrie St 

A stop on the Underground Railroad during the Civil War, Second Nazarene Church in Dorchester needs an energy upgrade.  Join HEET and Co-op Power to help the church reduce energy bills and energy use. The church has a dirt-floor basement that is exhaling a lot of cold air and moisture into the building.  Learn how to install a vapor barrier in the basement inexpensively and easily.  A variety of other work will also be taught. 

Sign up here: (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dFUteWN0Q1BEVHluZnRJb0RrSE5wM1E6MA#gid=0)


Tuesday, October 1, 2013
Harvard, Sackler Museum, 485 Broadway, Lecture Hall B029, Cambridge

Kamal Bawa and Sandesh Kadur will share breathtaking photographs and stories from their new book, Himalaya: Mountains of Life, to spark a conversation about why the preservation of this land is so important, not just for us, but for the future of all life on Earth. Following their presentation, a panel of distinguished Harvard professors, representing the arts, humanities, and environmental disciplines, will lead a discussion with the authors on the interconnectedness of art and the humanities in building awareness of and potential solutions to global environmental challenges.

For additional information visit the HMSC website:  http://hmsc.harvard.edu/event/himalaya-mountains-life-kamal-bawa-distinguished-professor-conservation-biology

Jointly-sponsored by the Harvard Museums of Science & Culture, Office of the Arts at Harvard, and the Office for Sustainability at Harvard.


Boston Local Food Festival
4th Annual Boston Local Food Festival
Sunday, 06 October, 2013
11:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Rose Kennedy Greenway, Boston

What You'll Find at the Festival
Freshly harvested produce and seafood from farmers and fishermen
Scrumptious, $6 servings, featuring locally grown foods
Entertaining demonstrations and competitions by chefs and other food experts
Lively local music of many cultural tastes
Engaging exhibitions and playful activities for the kid in all of us
Interactive workshops featuring local food leaders
Food-inspired arts and crafts
Recycling and sustainable practices for minimal waste
See more at: http://bostonlocalfoodfestival.com/about-the-festival/#sthash.zLticdKu.dpuf

Event Contact Katrina Kazda
Email:  katrina at sbnmass.org 


October 11 through 14, 2013

a wide variety of events planned
in Somerville & Cambridge


(Somerville & Cambridge, MA) Time to mark the calendar for the eighth annual HONK! Festival (www.honkfest.org) which will take place from October 11-14 throughout the neighborhoods of Somerville and Cambridge. Founded in 2006 in Davis Square by members of the Somerville-basedSecond Line Social Aid and Pleasure Society Brass Band (www.secondlinebrassband.org), HONK! is a rousing socio-political music spectacle which features social activist street bands from all over who come together to share their different approaches to merry making while also instigating positive change in their communities.

This year several new national and international groups will be featured, as well as returning festival favorites, some who are local and several who come from afar. In the works are many concerts, one very large parade, some mini parades, a roundtable discussion, and much more. The preliminary HONK! schedule, which will be finalized in early September, can be found at www.honkfest.org/schedule/. This year ALL events will be free!. The festival is rain or shine and open to all.

As of this writing, a few late summer/early fall activities are in place, for those who would like to get involved early on:
HONK! Kickstarter campaign: details can be found at www.honkfest.org/kickstarter. This year's goal is to reach $12,000 by early October. Last year, HONK! far exceeded its Kickstarter campaign. Individuals can donate and subscribe to receive notices by going through the HONK! website.
HONK! Volunteer Appreciation Pep Rally: tentatively scheduled for the evening of September 15 at Sprout, 339R Summer St. near Davis Square, Somerville (www.thesprouts.org). More information will be available after Labor Day weekend.
For more background information on HONK!'s origins, visit www.honkfest.org/about/.


Energy Upgrade Work Party
Emmanuel Church of Boston 
October 13th - Time TBA, around 1pm-5pm
15 Newbury Street

Emmanuel Church of Boston has the most beautiful Sanctuary and chapel we've ever been in. As an additional plus, the artist who builds the Bread and Puppets' puppets has a studio in the basement.  A truly amazing place to be. We'll teach you how to install pipe insulation, and how to save energy in many other ways. 

Sign up here: (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dEdrVnFLeW1neWtxVjNMSVl6WE1DOVE6MA#gid=0)


Sensing Wonder, Serious Play: Ecology and Children’s Literature 
October 25, 2013
Harvard, Thompson Room, Barker Center, 12 Quincy Street, Cambridge

A Graduate Student Conference hosted by Harvard University's American Studies Program the will explore children’s literature through an ecocritical lens, giving priority to the ways in which these texts illustrate the relationship between nature and children. The Conference is accepting paper submissions through September 15 – visit the website for more information.

Contact Name: ecoconferenceharvard at gmail.com


Where is the best yogurt on the planet made? Somerville, of course!

Join the Somerville Yogurt Making Cooperative and get a weekly quart of the most thick, creamy, rich and tart yogurt in the world. Membership in the coop costs $2.50 per quart. Members share the responsibility for making yogurt in our kitchen located just outside of Davis Sq. in FirstChurch.  No previous yogurt making experience is necessary.

For more information checkout.


Cambridge Residents: Free Home Thermal Images

Have you ever wanted to learn where your home is leaking heat by having an energy auditor come to your home with a thermal camera?  With that info you then know where to fix your home so it's more comfortable and less expensive to heat.  However, at $200 or so, the cost of such a thermal scan is a big chunk of change.

HEET Cambridge has now partnered with Sagewell, Inc. to offer Cambridge residents free thermal scans.

Sagewell collects the thermal images by driving through Cambridge in a hybrid vehicle equipped with thermal cameras.  They will scan every building in Cambridge (as long as it's not blocked by trees or buildings or on a private way).  Building owners can view thermal images of their property and an analysis online. The information is password protected so that only the building owner can see the results.

Homeowners, condo-owners and landlords can access the thermal images and an accompanying analysis free of charge. Commercial building owners and owners of more than one building will be able to view their images and analysis for a small fee.

The scans will be analyzed in the order they are requested.

Go to Sagewell.com.  Type in your address at the bottom where it says "Find your home or building" and press return.  Then click on "Here" to request the report.

That's it.  When the scans are done in a few weeks, your building will be one of the first to be analyzed. The accompanying report will help you understand why your living room has always been cold and what to do about it.

With knowledge, comes power (or in this case saved power and money, not to mention comfort).


Free solar electricity analysis for MA residents


HEET has partnered with NSTAR and Mass Save participating contractor Next Step Living to deliver no-cost Home Energy Assessments to Cambridge residents.

During the assessment, the energy specialist will:

Install efficient light bulbs (saving up to 7% of your electricity bill)
Install programmable thermostats (saving up to 10% of your heating bill)
Install water efficiency devices (saving up to 10% of your water bill)
Check the combustion safety of your heating and hot water equipment
Evaluate your home’s energy use to create an energy-efficiency roadmap
If you get electricity from NSTAR, National Grid or Western Mass Electric, you already pay for these assessments through a surcharge on your energy bills.  You might as well use the service.

Please sign up at http://nextsteplivinginc.com/heet/?outreach=HEET or call Next Step Living at 866-867-8729.  A Next Step Living Representative will call to schedule your assessment.

HEET will help answer any questions and ensure you get all the services and rebates possible.

(The information collected will only be used to help you get a Home Energy Assessment.  We won’t keep the data or sell it.)

(If you have any questions or problems, please feel free to call HEET’s Jason Taylor at 617 441 0614.)


Sustainable Business Network Local Green Guide

SBN is excited to announce the soft launch of its new Local Green Guide, Massachusetts' premier Green Business Directory!

To view the directory please visit: http://www.localgreenguide.org
To find out how how your business can be listed on the website or for sponsorship opportunities please contact Adritha at adritha at sbnboston.org


Free Monthly Energy Analysis

CarbonSalon is a free service that every month can automatically track your energy use and compare it to your past energy use (while controlling for how cold the weather is). You get a short friendly email that lets you know how you’re doing in your work to save energy.



Boston Food System

"The Boston Food System [listserv] provides a forum to post announcements of events, employment opportunities, internships, programs, lectures, and other activities as well as related articles or other publications of a non-commercial nature covering the area's food system - food, nutrition, farming, education, etc. - that take place or focus on or around Greater Boston (broadly delineated)."

The Boston area is one of the most active nationwide in terms of food system activities - projects, services, and events connected to food, farming, nutrition - and often connected to education, public health, environment, arts, social services and other arenas.   Hundreds of organizations and enterprises cover our area, but what is going on week-to-week is not always well publicized.
Hence, the new Boston Food System listserv, as the place to let everyone know about these activities.  Specifically:
Use of the BFS list will begin soon, once we get a decent base of subscribers.  Clarification of what is appropriate to announce and other posting guidelines will be provided as well.

It's easy to subscribe right now at https://elist.tufts.edu/wws/subscribe/bfs


Artisan Asylum  http://artisansasylum.com/

Sprout & Co:  Community Driven Investigations

Greater Boston Solidarity Economy Mapping Project  http://www.transformationcentral.org/solidarity/mapping/mapping.html
a project by Wellesley College students that invites participation, contact jmatthaei at wellesley.edu


Bostonsmart.com's Guide to Boston  http://www.bostonsmarts.com/BostonGuide/


Links to events at 60 colleges and universities at Hubevents   http://hubevents.blogspot.com

Thanks to

Fred Hapgood's Selected Lectures on Science and Engineering in the Boston Area  http://www.BostonScienceLectures.com

Boston Area Computer User Groups  http://www.bugc.org/

Arts and Cultural Events List  http://aacel.blogspot.com/

Cambridge Civic Journal  http://www.rwinters.com












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