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Subject: [Community_forum] City Life March on Housing Court Sept. 12
against no-fault evictions

This is going to be well organized.  I was at an organizing meeting last
night.  Please support these folks, if you can...


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Subject:        March on Housing Court Sept. 12
Date:   Wed, 4 Sep 2013 11:06:15 -0400
From:   Steve Meacham <smeacham at clvu.org>
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*Stop Fannie-Freddie no-fault evictions *
*Thursday, September 12, gather 7:45 am at Haymarket Station (Congress St.)*
*Flyer attached*

            We are calling on our supporters,

on those facing foreclosure and eviction by Wall St Banks,

on anyone dealing with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac,

to *JOIN US* next Thursday, Sept. 12, to march on the Boston Housing Court.

            We are not protesting workers at the Housing Court.  We are

1.      The law allowing banks, real estate corporations and large
landlords to seek and win no-fault evictions in the Housing Court.

2.      Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, who relentlessly seek no-fault
evictions of occupants of buildings they own after foreclosure.  Olivé
Hendricks was evicted no-fault by Fannie Mae Aug. 22 after a long fight.  He
should be the LAST no-fault eviction by Fannie or Freddie

We are demanding that Mel Watt be confirmed as the new head of FHFA,
replacing Ed DeMarco.  Ed DeMarco has prevented Fannie and Freddie from
accepting rent, doing principal reduction, or selling back to owners at
real value.

We are planning a strong protest; however, no one waiting in the long line
to get into the court for their case will be impeded in any way.

*Coming up BEFORE Sept. 12 which can help support Sept. 12*

*Saturday, Sept. 7, 9 am*.  Protest Walmart in Chelmsford MA.  City Life is
supporting this rally.  Gather at 9 am at 1199 with MassUniting for a bus
ride to Chelmsford and a rally at 11 am.  Lunch provided on return.
and Jobs with Justice are supporting the action Sept. 12.  Wear your T

*Monday, Sept. 9, 9-11 am*.  Supreme Judicial Court of Mass.  There will be
a half hour of argument between 9 am and 11 am at the Supreme Judicial
Court.  Banks are appealing decisions by the Lynn Court allowing our
members to raise issues like fault loan modifications in eviction cases.  1
Pemberton Sq. Boston.  Wear your T shirts.

*Tuesday, Sept. 10, 4:30 pm*.  Public hearing on the Invest in Boston
ordinance sponsored by Councilor Felix Arroyo.  This ordinance would have
the City use social justice criteria in deciding in which bank to put its
money.  One criterion is whether that bank seeks no-fault evictions after
foreclosure.  We support this ordinance, although it will NOT stop no-fault
evictions by banks.  That would require another ordinance similar to what
Lynn recently passed.  However, speaking strongly at this hearing for the
ordinance and against no-fault evictions will build support for the rally
two days later.  Wear your T shirts.

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