[act-ma] 10/19 The Invention of the White Race

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/South Asians for Global Justice presents/

*Dr. Jeffrey B. Perry *on

Theodore W. Allen's “The Invention of the White Race”
/with special emphasis on/
Vol. 2 “The Origin of Racial Oppression in Anglo-America”

Introduced by Tony Van Der Meer,
University of Massachusetts at Boston

*Sat. Oct. 19th 2013 *
*2:00 - 4:30 pm*

Dudley Branch Library,
65 Warren Street. Roxbury, MA

Theodore Allen (1919-2005) was an American independent, self-taught, 
working-class intellectual, writer, and activist, best known for his 
contributions to the struggle against white supremacy, specifically his 
pioneering writings beginning in 1965 on the concept of white skin 
privilege and for his seminal, two volume work The Invention of the 
White Race (1994 and 1997).  His work details how the “white race” was 
invented as a ruling-class social control formation and a system of 
racial oppression was imposed in response to labor solidarity in the 
wake of Bacon’s Rebellion (1676-77), how the “white race” was created 
and maintained through privileges conferred on laboring class 
European-Americans relative to African-Americans, how these privileges 
were ruinous to the interests of African-Americans and disastrous for 
laboring class European-Americans, and how the “white race” has been the 
principal historic guarantor of ruling-class domination in America.

Jeffrey B. Perry contributed new introductions, back matter, internal 
study guides, and expanded indexes to Verso Books’ new expanded edition 
of The Invention of the White Race. For more information on Dr. Perry 
and his work on Hubert Harrison “the father of Harlem radicalism” 
(1883-1927) and Theodore W. Allen (1919-2005) see www.jeffreybperry.net 


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