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the tanker's three escorts, the USS Joyce, 
saw it on sonar and severely damaged it by dropping depth charges.The 
Germans, forced to surface, manned their deck guns while another escort 
vessel, the USS Gandy, returned fire and rammed the U-boat. The third 
escort, the USS Peterson, then hit the U-boat with two more depth 
charges. The crew abandoned the submarine, but not before setting off explosions 
to scuttle it. The submarine hadn't been seen again until Monday.The U-550 
is one of several World War II-era German U-boats that have been 
discovered off the U.S. coast, but it's the only one that went 
down in that area, Mazraani said. He said it's been tough to 
find largely because military positioning of the battle was imprecise, and 
searchers had only a general idea where the submarine was when it 
sank. Kozak noted that the site is far offshore and has only 
limited windows of good weather.The team towed a side-scan sonar vessel 
in a mow-the-lawn pattern over the search area and found the U-500 
after covering 100 square miles of ocean, between the trip this year 
and last year, Kozak said.Just the nose of U-boat was visible on 
sonar on the first pass, but the team was delirious after the 
second pass. when the sonar image made it obvious they'd found it, 
Mazraani said. Quick dives to the wreck to beat bad weather confirmed 
the find with pictures.The other team members were Steve Gatto, Tom Packer, 
Brad Sheard, Eric Takakjian and Anthony Te
Syrians inspect the site where a barrel bomb dropped by an air 
force helicopter exploded in Saraqeb in northwestern Syria on July 20, 2013.AFP/FileLONDON, 
Greater London (AFP)  British Prime Minister David Cameron said on Sunday 
that the Syrian conflict was "on the wrong trajectory", admitting the Assad 
regime may be getting stronger, and urged more help for opposition forces."It's 
very depressing picture and it's a picture that is, I think, on 
the wrong trajectory," Cameron said in an interview with the BBC.He added: 
"You've got an evil president who's doing dreadful things to his people... 
I think he may be stronger than he was a few months 
ago."But I'd still describe the situation as a stalemate."Cameron said Britain 
had still not decided whether to arm the rebels fighting President Bashar 
al-Assad, but said more could be done to help those who wanted 
a democratic Syria."We do need to do more to help promote those 
parts of the opposition that want a free, pluralistic, democratic Syria," 
he said."We're not arming the rebels. We have made no decision about 
that."It's no good complaining about the rebels if you're not going to 
try and help those that want a free, democratic, pluralistic Syria."And 
that's why we're helping with non-military equipment, we're helping with 
technical assistance and training."The prime minister admitted there was 
"too much extremism" among some of the rebels, but insisted "that's not 
a reason for just pulling

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