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                    Oct. 8th - National Teach-In on Syria & US Policy  in the Region - 6:30 to 7:30 pm EST
                    Live Streaming at http://www.busboysandpoets.com/videos/live-streaming
                    The  civil war continues in Syria.


                    Thanks to action by hundreds of thousands of people like you, a threat of a U.S. missile attack  against Syria was averted. The massive  outpouring of anti-war sentiment from the people in every corner of the country  and around the world prevented a US military strike. 
                    But the raging civil war continues and the scope of the humanitarian crisis grows. 


                    Our victory was  clear, but our work is far from over.

                        How did the peace movement in the  U.S. and world-wide stop Washington from proceeding with military action in  Syria?


                        How can we build on our success to change U.S. policy in the  region?


                        What's happening now, on the ground in Syria and on the diplomatic  front? 


                    A dynamic panel will address these questions and our next steps  to change US policy in the region.


                    Watch the teach-in online, gather  for potluck dinners, show the broadcast to begin a discussion on what we can do  now, share the info with your family and co-workers. Just click on this link between 6:15-6:30pm EST and wait for the  broadcast to begin.


                    Oct 8 Tuesday - National Teach-In on Syria and  U.S. Policy in the Region - 6:30 to 7:30 pm EST Live Streaming at  http://www.busboysandpoets.com/videos/live-streaming


                    Phyllis Bennis - Director, New Internationalism  Project at the Institute for Policy Studies

                    Stephen Miles - Coordinator, Win  Without War

                    Nick Berning - Communications Director, MoveOn.org

                    Rep.  Barbara Lee (invited) - 13th Cong. District, CA

                    moderated by Judith Le Blanc  - Field Director, Peace Action
                    This teach-in is sponsored by groups  that have been working together on Syria:
                    Peace Action

                    Pax  Christi

                    Sisters of Mercy

                    Win Without War

                    Institute for Policy  Studies


                    Just Foreign Policy

                    Progressive Democrats of  America

                    American Friends Service Committee

                    Peace and Justice Resource  Center

                    U.S. Labor Against the War

                    United for Peace and Justice

                    Friends  Committee on National Legislation

                    Women's Action for New  Directions


                    The link will be available for viewing at http://www.busboysandpoets.com/videos after the  event.

                    Dear Congress: What Happened to Our Democratic Process?

                    Congress is broken, and it's time to demand a change. National Priorities Project got together with two national  partners, Sunlight Foundation and Center for Effective Government, to send a letter to Congress urging lawmakers to fulfill their constitutional responsibility to the budget appropriations process. You can send their letter or write your own.
                    Make Your Voice Heard

                    The logjam in Washington likely has you frustrated with some lawmakers. But we have the power to change this. Members of Congress will be back in their districts this weekend. Contact your members of  Congress and tell them that we need to end the shutdown immediately -- long  in advance of the forthcoming debt ceiling. 
                    The Tear Down the Walls National Gathering will take place in Tuscon November 1-3. It is being organized by the Alliance for Global Justice, USLAW's fiscal sponsor. AFGJ is also fiscal sponsor to more than 65 other organizations, including Occupy Wall St., Occupy Sandy and a number of Central America solidarity organizations, among others. 

                    The objective of the gathering is to bring together activists reflecting a broad range of issues, constituencies and communities to create common dialog and overcome obstacles to greater collaboration and cooperation. 

                    Although it may be more difficult for USLAW supporters in the East or Midwest to attend, those in the Southwest and on the West Coast should be able to do so. Rideshares are being organized from a number of cities and limited funds are available for travel subsidies.

                    Check it out at www.teardownwalls.org 
                    New resources posted daily - check often
                    Jobs-Not-Wars Campaign
                    New Priorities Network

                    National Priorities Project

                    If you value the work that USLAW does, please consider becoming an associate member
                    and support USLAW with a donation.

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