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Dear All,

This summer & fall, waves of one-day fast food strikes swept across the US.
On August 18, workers at Harvard Square's Insomnia Cookies declared their
own strike<http://iwwboston.org/2013/09/11/striking-workers-at-insomnia-cookies-join-the-iww-by-jake-carman/>.
Some were making just $6/hr (the minimum wage is $8) as they used their own
bikes to make deliveries, under pressure to ride as fast as possible, until
3:15 am.* They were often denied a half hour unpaid meal break, to which
workers in MA are minimally entitled, for shifts longer than 6 hrs. With
support from the IWW, Harvard's Student Labor Action Movement (SLAM) and
Boston University's Student Labor Action Project (SLAP), Insomnia
strikers *still
hold the line*. They have maintained their strike for more than 50 days in
the face of threats and attempted intimidation. Strikers' demands include
$15/hr, health benefits, and company neutrality to union organizing. Please
come to the picket line tonight, and stand up for low-paid bakers and bike
delivery persons, who had the courage to stand up against exploitation and
demand a union! We will gather at Insomnia Cookies' Harvard Square
location, 65 Mount Auburn St (2 blocks from the Harvard Red Line MBTA
stop), starting at 9 pm.

Strikers have been able to sustain their fight for justice & union
recognition thanks to the Insomnia Cookies Workers Strike
Fund<https://www.wepay.com/donations/1952435343>which has raised over
$1,200 so far. Please consider making a donation!

Please forward this message as widely as possible. The Facebook event for
the picket is here<https://www.facebook.com/events/533343333418434/?ref_newsfeed_story_type=regular&source=1>

In Solidarity,

Geoff for the Industrial Workers of the World / IWW <http://www.iww.org/>

*Insomnia Cookies has been in trouble before for wage theft and ignoring
city ordinances. A former employee writes, "*Insomnia never paid me a cent
they owed for the hours I worked. After a year and a half I’ve now
completely given up on ever seeing that $8.50 an hour."  *You can read the
whole story here<http://badgerherald.com/artsetc/2010/11/17/woes-of-the-late-ins/>.
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