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Militant Labor Forum Presents: 
Bishop and the Grenada Revolution (1979-83): Living Lessons for Working People 
October 18, 7:30 pm
Maurice Bishop was
the central leader of the 1979 revolution in the Caribbean island of Grenada that overthrew the U.S.-backed dictatorship of Eric Gairy and brought a workers
and farmers government to power.
          Thirty years ago this month the
revolutionary government was overthrown by a Stalinist-inspired coup led by
Deputy Prime Minister Bernard Coard, in which Bishop was murdered. That
betrayal opened the door to a U.S. military invasion that installed a pro-imperialist regime  .
          The new government created job,
lowered significantly illiteracy, and  provided free medical care however the most important gain of the Grenadian
Revolution was the transformation of men and women through this process.
Working people began to see themselves as part of the world, to recognize their
own self-worth, to see what they could do working and fighting together to
better the conditions of life for all.
          What Grenadian working
people accomplished in those five years provides an example for workers and
farmers around the world today whose livelihoods, rights and dignity are under
assault by the capitalist exploiters.
            Come to a discussion.
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