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to baamannounce
the date has been changed to Thursday, November 14, 7PM
East Cambridge
call 617-492-2340 to RSVP and for address

A monthly group to discuss the "classic" anarchist thinkers.  The goal is
to gain a general, very basic understanding of these thinker and their

November- Pierre- Joseph Proudhon

Required Reading: Chapter 17 of Demanding the Impossible: A History of
Anarchism by Peter Marshall from PM Press.

Optional longer reading- What is Property? by Pierre- Joseph Proudhon

Discussion Questions:  1) How would you summarize this thinker's thoughts?
2)What ideas do you like and why? 3)What ideas are problematic?

The group is for people who are open to the merits of Anarchism.

Jules Kobek
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