[act-ma] Williams College Center for Environmental Studies helps sponsor unpaid summer environmental internships

Kerry Thompson thompson0692 at comcast.net
Thu Jan 16 09:28:26 PST 2014

I saw this in The BEAT News ( http://www.thebeatnews.org ) and wanted to pass the information on. Deadline is end of January for sending intern position description to the Williams College CES as described below. 

- Kerry Thompson, Lancaster, MA 
Want a Williams College Environmental Intern for the Summer? 

Do you need a summer intern? If so, please consider sending me an internship position description by the end of January. CES provides support to students who find unpaid environmental internships. They need to have a confirmed offer in order to apply for funding and the student application deadline is March 14. So, you’d need to make a firm offer by the first week of March, sooner is better! 

Your internship posting ought to include: description of the work, dates (we fund from 3-10 weeks full time (we pay $380/week)), where the work is (eg: do they need to go on site every day or can they work from home some days?), do they need a car, and finally, if there’s housing, that will help. However, if not, students can live on campus if CES co-sponsors the internship. Let me know if you want to consider that as I like to help make that work for our local orgs. 

CES cannot provide funding for jobs that are manual labor—the funding is from restricted endowments that all require the positions to be either academic, scholarly research, hands-on environmental work, planet-saving work, or environmental-career-oriented work. Positions that involve some manual labor but that also involve work described above, may be considered for funding. 

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions. 

Finally, please circulate this to anyone else who may want an environmental intern. 

Sarah Gardner 

Associate Director, Lecturer in Environmental Studies 

Williams College 

Center for Environmental Studies 

Harper House, Rm 10 


Sarah.S.Gardner at williams.edu 

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