[act-ma] Earth Day: Make BoFa Pay

Aria Littlhous aria at littlhous.net
Thu Mar 6 03:47:27 PST 2014

Bank Action Network Calls for Earth Day Actions, 4/22-5/1/14

Contact: <bankactionnetwork at gmail.com>


   Last year, some of the organizers who attended the big (and
   well-budgeted by several orgs and unions) BoA Shareholder Meeting protest
   in 2012, decided to call for BoA actions across the country on the day of
   the shareholder meeting as we knew we couldn't budget buses to Charlotte
   again on a week day. We only had a couple of weeks to do this but we got at
   least 15 cities involved! I think this year we can do even BETTER- let's
   shoot for 30+ cities!  In order to make it happen we are proposing to have
   the nationwide actions over a span of several days to allow for respective
   city organizers to plan a date that works for them. The new proposed date
   range is Earth Day (April 22) to May Day (May 1)- in solidarity with other
   actions planned during those ten days. Jill Stein and some other prominent
   folks are already on board with the convergence. Let's turn the iconography
   of Bank of America and the other big banks on its head!

   These actions don't have to be HUGE to be successful. Part of the power
   of the actions will be the scope and # of towns we get involved.  Strive
   for the best imaging (big signs, powerful and/or humorous images, costumes,
   etc) Make sure to take pictures!

   This is what we are proposing you do:

   #1 Find a Bank of America branch/major banking center building in your

   If you don't have a Bank of America (bought-out Countrywide #1 in
   discriminatory foreclosures, #1 investor  in mountaintop removal) in your
   state then look at Citibank or TD Bank (they are financing Keystone XL) or
   a Wells Fargo (#1 in foreclosures and #3 in private prisons) Here's the
   "BoA Rap Sheet" which only a good starting point to cover Bank of America's
   malfeasance and corrupt practices:

   #2 Set a date for your action (s) between April 22 and May 1. (proposed
   date range) Make sure the messaging is clear from a far and you have
   factual info/sheets on hand for passers by

   # 3 Make sure to TAKE PICTURES and have video recording device ready at
   your action. We are mainly calling for "green/yellow" actions to maximize
   numbers (nonviolent civil disobedience actions will be at your own group's
   discretion however whatever you do please make sure that everyone
   participating is on the same page and how your choices may effect those

   #4 Send/upload  your action pics - we will have a new website and upload
   site with materials to hand out up within the coming weeks. For now you can

   bankactionnetwork at gmail.com or makeboapay at gmail.com

   #5 (OPTIONAL)  If you know someone in danger of being foreclosed on by
   Bank of America who doesn't mind us delivering their picture and message to
   CEO Brian Moynihan to this year's Shareholder Meeting please take a picture
   and email us their letter to including contact info.

   Bank Action Network

"Our goal is a society that prioritizes the needs of all before the profits
of the few." passed by Occupy Boston General Assembly 11/29/11

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