[act-ma] No to Government Spying, Fri, March 21

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Tue Mar 18 04:46:39 PDT 2014

The Militant Labor Forum
Government Spying:
Not for Working People!
              Friday, March 21, 7:30 pm 
NSA internet spying
More local cop “Intelligence units”
Increasing use of conspiracy charges to
“stop attacks before they happen”
Airport baggage and body searches
Appeals to report “suspicious bags” on
buses, subways and trains
Starting in the
1970s and escalating rapidly after 9/11, the government has sought acceptance
for their stepped-up spying as minor intrusions of privacy required of “us all”
in face of “terrorist” threats to the homeland.
   The big majority of workers and farmers do
not yet directly feel these developments are aimed at us. But increasingly more
focused probes by the rulers will be seen as what they are — and resisted — as
working people and the labor movement are pressed into struggle. 
   Come to a discussion why the working class
must rely on itself to put a stop to government spying and not “
whistleblowers” like Wikileaks and Edward Snowden.
Militant Labor Forum Hall
Bennington Street, 2nd floor, East Boston, 02128
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