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UJP Activist: Manufactured Crisis: The Untold Story of the Iran Nuclear Scare  
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-------- TALKS BY GARETH PORTER ----------------------------------------------

*March 25, Northampton: *Broadside Books, 247 Main St., 7pm. Sponsored by  
AFSC Western MA

*March 26, MIT:* 1 Amherst St. (Bldg. E40), 4th floor conference room,  
Cambridge.  12 noon- 1:30 pm. A seminar sponsored by the Center for  
International Studies.

*March 26, Walpole: *Public Library, 43 School St., 7pm. Sponsored by  
Walpole Peace & Justice Group

*March 27, Cambridge:* Friends Meeting, 5 Longfellow Park, 7pm.

*Bristol Community College, *Fall River - Stay Tuned!

Investigative journalist Gareth Porter unravels the whole web of lies and  
fabrications out of which the U.S. and Israeli governments have constructed  
their "story" about Iran's purported lengthy and active pursuit of a  
clandestine nuclear weapons program. 

Gareth Porter's book /Manufactured Crisis: The Untold Story of the Iran  
Nuclear Scare/ has just been published by Just World Books. The book pulls  
together the results of several years of his work on this topic. The books  
will be on sale at the events.

With Iran's negotiations with the P5+1 over the final-status nuclear  
agreement now moving into full gear, it's important for everyone to  
understand exactly how this crisis got pumped up as much as it was, for so  
many years.

Watch a 30-minute video [1] of Gareth's February talk in New York: 

Sponsored by Massachusetts Peace Action [2], American Friends Service  
Committee [3] and Jewish Voice for Peace. [4]

United for Justice with Peace [5] is a coalition of peace and justice  
organizations and community peace groups in the Greater Boston region. The  
UJP Coalition, formed after September 11th, seeks global peace through social  
and economic justice.

/Help us continue to do this critical work! Make a donation to UJP today.  

info at justicewithpeace.org [7]

617-383-4857 www.justicewithpeace.org [8] Upcoming Events:  Manufactured  
Crisis: The Untold Story of the Iran Nuclear Scare [9] Thu Mar 27 7:00pm  
Cambridge Friends Meeting Cambridge One Nation—Under Surveillance [10] Sat  
Mar 29 10:00am Central Connecticut State University New Britain, CT The  
Politics of Water: From Israel and Palestine to Chelsea and Beyond [11] Thu  
Apr 3 6:00pm Chelsea Collaborative Chelsea Campaign Nonviolence Training [12]  
Sat Apr 12 9:00am Cambridge Friends Meeting Cambridge We Pay our Taxes. Are  
we getting what we need? [13] Sat Apr 12 12:30pm Emmanuel Church Boston  
Pivoting for Peace in Asia/Pacific [14] Sat Apr 19 9:30am Cambridge Friends  
Meeting Cambridge Jobs Not Jails Rally on Boston Common! [15] Sat Apr 26  
12:00pm Boston Common Boston Sing-Along to Pete Seeger Songs [16] Sat May 24  
7:00pm Calvary United Methodist Church Arlington
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