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======== REBECCA GORDON: MAINSTREAMING TORTURE ===============================

The terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 reopened what many people in  
America had long assumed was a settled ethical question: Is torture ever  
morally permissible? Within days, some began to suggest that, in these new  
circumstances, the new answer was "yes." Rebecca Gordon argues that September  
11 did not, as some have said, "change everything," and that  
institutionalized state torture remains as wrong today as it was on the day  
before those terrible attacks. Furthermore, U.S. practices during the "war on  
terror" are rooted in a history that began long before September 11, a  
history that includes both support for torture regimes abroad and the use of  
torture in American jails and prisons.

*Rebecca Gordon* received her B.A. from Reed College and her M.Div. and  
Ph.D. in Ethics and Social Theory from Graduate Theological Union. She  
teaches in the Philosophy department at the University of San Francisco and  
for the university’s Leo T. McCarthy Center for Public Service and the  
Common Good. Previous publications include /Letters From  
Nicaragua / and /Cruel and Usual: How Welfare "Reform" Punishes Poor  
People.  /She is a member of the /War Times [1] /organizing committee.


*Tuesday, 7/29* 7:00 pm: Porter Square Books, Porter Square Shopping Center,  
Cambridge, MA

*Thursday, 7/31* 7:00pm: UU Church, 669 Union Street, Manchester, NH 

*Friday, 8/1* 2:00pm: Framingham Library, 49 Lexington St, Framingham, MA

*Wednesday, 8/20* 5:00pm: Chilmark Public Library, 522 South Rd, Chilmark,  

*Thursday, 8/28* 7:00pm: Rogers Free Library, 525 Hope St (rte 114),  
Bristol, RI

*Tuesday, 9/2 * 7:00pm: Walpole Public Library, 143 School St., Walpole, MA  

Contact Mass. Peace Action [2] to arrange a presentation in your town.

         STATES [3] (HARDCOVER) ---------------------------------------------

By Rebecca Gordon [4]


*ISBN-13:* 9780199336432
*Availability:* Available to Order

*Published:* Oxford University Press (UK), 5/2014  

United for Justice with Peace [5] is a coalition of peace and justice  
organizations and community peace groups in the Greater Boston region. The  
UJP Coalition, formed after September 11th, seeks global peace through social  
and economic justice.

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