[act-ma] This Thursday, will you be at Connecting for Justice (SoJust's 8th birthday)?

Robbie Samuels send2robbie at gmail.com
Mon Sep 8 10:11:23 PDT 2014

Hope you can join us and help spread the word... thanks!

On Thu, Sep 4, 2014 at 2:24 PM, Robbie Samuels <send2robbie at gmail.com>

> A really amazing thing has happened! Socializing for Justice just hit
> 2500 members and is about to celebrate 8 years of building a grassroots
> cross-issue progressive network in Boston. Would you help us spread the
> word about our 8th birthday party on 9/11? Hope you can join us!
> <http://ctt.ec/6Dj7d>*ClicktoTweet <http://ctt.ec/6Dj7d>: *Without
> funding @SoJust hits 8 years & 2500 members. Celebrate with them on 9/11
> @lironboylston. www.sojust.org #p2 #Boston
> *Click to Share *the Facebook graphic
> <https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10154478664010029&set=gm.522420314554742&type=1>
> .
> *Please share* the following press release with your network. Don't
> forget to RSVP yourself: www.sojust.org!
> Thank you,
> Robbie
> Without Funding Grassroots Group Grows to 2500 Members
> Building a cross-issue progressive community and network since 2006
> On September 11th from 6-9PM, Socializing for Justice will be celebrating
> 8 years of progressive organizing at it's largest event of the year,
> Connecting for Justice, at Lir on Boylston. This event draws 120+
> progressives of all stripes and is a great way to get connected to SoJust's
> cross-issue progressive community.  This is a welcoming space where all
> attendees, diverse by age, race, gender, sexual orientation, newness to
> Boston, and experience with activism, come together to “put the SOCIAL back
> in social justice!”  Newcomers and longtime members will celebrate the
> remarkable success of this member-driven, volunteer-run grassroots group.
>  Since 2006, SoJust has grown to 2500 members and hosted 185 events.
> Join them at their 8th anniversary party, Connecting for Justice,
> <http://www.meetup.com/sojust-tm/events/194745412/> on Thursday,
> September 11th from 6-8:30pm at Lir on Boylston. RSVP and details at
> <http://www.sojust.org.>www.SoJust.org <http://www.sojust.org>.
> <http://www.sojust.org.>
> Make the most of this opportunity - attend their professional development
> workshop (aka ProfDev) Art of the Schmooze
> <http://www.meetup.com/sojust-tm/events/194746202/> on September 4th to
> learn how to network like a pro and create welcoming community spaces.
> Socializing for Justice is the brainchild of community organizer,
> fundraiser and event planner, Robbie Samuels. For the past decade, Robbie
> has been a leader within Boston’s progressive community. He has been
> recognized for his efforts - in 2011, his birthday, September 16, was
> declared "Robbie Samuels Day" by the Boston City Council. In creating
> SoJust, Robbie has combined fun, socializing and cross-issue mobilization
> as never before.
> The vision for SoJust comes from Robbie’s first hand experience. He wanted
> to address what he was repeatedly finding in his work – that individuals,
> organizations, and campaigns stunted their effectiveness by focusing solely
> on single-issue work.  He shares, “I believed we could get people
> representing multiple progressive issues into a room, connect based on our
> overlapping values and more effectively fight for social justice. We need
> to be building a cross-issue progressive movement."
> At Connecting for Justice, participants can experience the connecting
> power of Socializing for Justice for themselves. There will be Action
> Stations to link attendees with local organizations, “I’m Looking For” and
> “Ask Me About” tags, a Jobs Board filled with openings from other social
> change groups and a free Literature Table. These features mirror options on
> SoJust’s website, www.sojust.org, an online hub where social justice
> events, job and volunteer opportunities from other social change
> organizations are cross-posted on the Calendar and Message Board.
> Get involved with Boston’s fastest-growing cross-issue progressive
> community. Network with like-minded progressives and find the opportunities
> you’ve been searching for. In the words of Robbie, “If you think this
> group MIGHT be for you – it is.”  Learn more and RSVP for Connecting for
> Justice at www.sojust.org.
> Socializing for Justice (SoJust)
> Contact: Robbie Samuels, co-founder
> Email: robbie at robbiesamuels.com
> Web: www.sojust.org
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