[act-ma] Sept 11: Landmark 9/11 Truth Film Festival to be LIVE VIDEO Streamed Sept 11th / Rand Paul's 9/11 Problem: Ron Paul

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Wed Sep 10 18:22:48 PDT 2014

    Landmark 9/11 Truth Film Festival to be Live Video Streamed Sept 11th

*Coming up Thursday, September 11, 2014 at 1:00 pm Pacific * 4:00 
pm Eastern * 20:00 GMT at http://noliesradio.org/filmfestival/*

On September 11th, You Get 10 Hours of Live Video Streaming and then you 
will have 30 Days afterwards to watch the Video Archives of the Films 
and the Speakers.

sf911truth Film Festivalsf911truth Film FestivalPlease join us in person 
or on the web-stream for this film festival where we critically examine 
the most world transforming event of our times. What does the event of 
9/11 mean for you and the world? Join others who are attempting to shine 
a light on this crucial moment in history.

This year’s headline film, “*The Anatomy of a Great Deception*,” by 
David Hooper is a fast-paced docu-thriller about the filmmaker’s 
discoveries while researching 9/11 that eventually led him to deduce 
that the official story of what transpired that day simply couldn’t be 
true. Besides the emotional upheaval he felt because of his belief that 
he was betrayed by his government, he also felt isolated from family and 
friends who shared neither his conclusions nor his conviction that 
America had been lied to and used for a larger agenda known only by a 
few. This film was produced in order to help inspire his friends and 
family, and the general public, to see the world from his perspective of 
what happened that day. Sponsored by the Northern California 9/11 Truth 
Alliance. Co-Sponsored by No Lies Radio and AE911Truth.

See also this piece in the Worcester Herald!
How will 2016 GOP candidate Rand Paul handle having a nut job father who 
goes around claiming there is an active 9/11 coverup? 

*If you think a change in the White House will solve our problem, you 
don't understand the problem

* *


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