[act-ma] ANNOUNCEMENT! PassMassAmendment needs YOU to help amend the MASSACHUSETTS CONSTITUTION "Corporations Are Not People, Money Is Not Speech"

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HELP gather signatures to amend      the MASSACHUSETTS Constitution based on "Corporations Are Not      People, Money Is Not Speech"! Help get BIG MONEY OUT of politicis!      CLICK        here for other signature gathering events near you! Or click        here to "do it yourself!"
            Let's start the process of getting MONEY OUT OF POLITICS!
          Help amend the MASSACHUSETTS CONSTITUTION based on 
          "Corporations Are Not People, Money Is Not Speech"
          "Get the                        Petition"
          We are building a statewide NETWORK OF PETITIONERS, to defend          democracy from destruction by monied interests.  Sign            up here to help!
          JOIN the "BATTLE OF OUR AGE" and commit a few hours of time          over the next 9 weeks and do YOUR SHARE in this "last stand"          for Democracy!
          See            the 1 minute video Public Service Announcement
          more            info: www.PassMassAmendment.org
          Like            PassMassAmendment on FACEBOOK
          #PassMassAmend, #PassMassAmendment
          ACTION ALERT!  Call your Legislators and ask them to ENDORSE          PassMassAmendment!
          To            find your Legislator's contact info, click here.

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