[act-ma] 4 more arrested today at #silvermaple, this madness has to end

Bobby Wengronowitz bobbywego at gmail.com
Fri Oct 17 10:45:32 PDT 2014

Hi Friends,
This morning, Friday Oct. 17th, four more beautiful souls were arrested at
the Silver Maple Forest that connects with the Alewife Reservation. This
comes on the heels of five arrests on Tuesday.

Silver Maple is beautiful, and this is a "crime against nature" in the
words of one participant, but organizers are quick to point out the very
serious human costs. Silver Maples grow where there's lots of water. In
this case, they are in a floodplain. The residents of Cambridge, Belmont,
and Arlington will all be footing the bill as there will be increased
flooding. This is a perfect example of privatized profit (the developer, J.
Brian O'neill makes many millions) and socialized cost (we pay for
increased expenses due to flooding, higher insurance costs, the need for
sewer and other infrastructure). A press release is attached and here
<https://drive.google.com/#folders/0B5i8aT_in0-nMm1DWktwemVyRkk>'s a folder
with pictures and videos. *Please help spread the word.*

The Friends of Alewife Reservation will continue their valiant efforts, but
they need help. This fight is our fight. We will be meeting again outside
the clear-cutting staging ground down the road from 15 Acorn Park Dr.
Please come along and bring others of conscious.

This is also a great example of how the climate direct action network can
be useful. Folks at the action this morning will be at the meet-ups. I hope
you'll join us! Here are those deets again:
Sunday Oct. 19th, 1:00-3:30PM, MIT building 56
<http://whereis.mit.edu/?go=56> room 154. facebook
Wed. Oct. 22 6:30-9:00 PM, Lucy Parsons Center, 358A Centre St., Boston.
facebook <https://www.facebook.com/events/1554563841440012/>


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